‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Recap: Kim Zolciak Shops For A Mansion In Arizona To ‘Run Around Naked’ In

Kim Zolciak may be contemplating a permanent move to Arizona, but it'll only happen if she can find a house comparable to the 17,000 sq. ft. mansion they own in Atlanta.

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Will they stay or will they go? That was the question viewers were left asking after watching Kim Zolciak and her family contemplate a move to Arizona during the Dec. 1 episode of Don’t Be Tardy. While Kim jumped for joy over some of the massive mansions the Biermanns looked at, she didn’t seem ready to pull the trigger just yet.

Ariana Biermann previously revealed she’s hoping to go to college in Arizona, and since Kim doesn’t want to be far away from any of her children, she thought it’d be best for the family to move to Scottsdale, so they can all be together. However, that means Kim has to actually find a house worthy of her lifestyle. And the two they looked at this week weren’t the perfect fit.

The first one, which one of Kim’s daughters said was their “dream house”, was listed at over $4 million and consisted of 6600 sq. ft. The interior was also completely contemporary, which Kim didn’t love. “I think this is for like a single dude who probably has a very small penis. This is what he’s going to need. It’s too contemporary,” the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star joked.

The second house the family looked at was listed at $4,850,000 and had 7621 square feet with a large pool. Kim thought the house was “insane” — in a good way — but it was 10,000 square feet smaller than the house they currently own and built in Atlanta, so it wasn’t totally what they’re looking for. But Kim wants a house she can “run around naked in”, so the privacy it had with spectacular mountain views was pretty appealing to her.

Kim Zolciak (Bravo)

And Kim said if she “finds the perfect house”, their move will “100 percent” be happening. So let the hunt continue!

Want more drama? New episodes of Don’t Be Tardy air Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

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