‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Preview: Kim Zolciak Downs Shots Of Tequila After Thinking She’ll ‘Die’ On Broken RV

Kim Zolciak is tired of life in the RV, but found the perfect way to forget her woes: Tequila! Kim, Tracey, Kroy, and Brielle knock back shots in this EXCLUSIVE 'Don't Be Tardy' preview.

Kim Zolciak
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Image Credit: Derek Blanks/Bravo

Life on the road isn’t going exactly the way that Kim Zolciak planned. In this EXCLUSIVE clip from the December 1 episode of Don’t Be Tardy, the Bravo star recalls her harrowing experience getting stuck in the family’s broken down RV on the side of the highway. And, as everyone knows — Kim’s got a flair for the dramatic.

Over lunch, Kim describes the whole saga to her BFF, Tracey Bloom. “I had my doctor call in Xanax to Arizona because I hate the RV right now. I don’t want to ride in that thing; I’m scared to death,” Kim said. “It stopped on the highway going 80, the engine shut off. There’s not a hood in the front, so I kept thinking he’s going to hit people. I thought I was gonna die.”

At this point, the entire table — Tracey, Kim’s husband Kroy Biermann and their daughters Ariana and Brielle — all stopped listening to Kim as she rambled. “Then, the AC sh*t the bed,” she recounted. “I’m in an RV that doesn’t work… it costs $27,000 a week we pay to rent it. I’m just telling you, Kroy — if the AC’s not fixed, we’re not riding in the RV. I’m not traveling in heat, bro.”

Kim Zolciak
Kim Zolciak poses for a Don’t Be Tardy promo shot in a skintight black leather dress with a deep neckline (Derek Blanks/Bravo)

Tracey has the perfect way to calm Kim down (and get her to change the subject). Tequila! Tracey, Kim, Kroy, and Brielle head to the bar, where they down tequila shots together. In the holiest of Bravo traditions, they use a shotski to get the job done. Now, will that be enough to make Kim forget that she doesn’t want to drive all the way to Las Vegas in an AC-less van? Find out when the next episode of Don’t Be Tardy airs on December 1 at 10:00pm, on Bravo!

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