‘RHOSLC’ Star Jen Shah Teases This Season’s ‘Unexpected’ Moments & ‘Amazing’ Drama

The ladies of 'RHOSLC' brought the heat to the snowy city of Salt Lake City during the premiere on Nov. 11, and Jen Shah is now sharing what fans can expect to see throughout the first season.

On Nov. 11, fans were introduced to the newest ‘wives of Bravo’s hit franchise when The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premiered.  And thanks to one of the show’s stars, Jen Shah, 46, we just got a little taste of what you can expect during the show’s exciting first season. “When we said it was unexpected, amazing, fabulous, fantastic all of the above, things you’ve never seen before, we meant it,” Jen told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on Nov. 12.

Like any good Housewives series, the premiere had its fair share of drama. At the center was a feud between Jen and Mary Cosby, 47, who said Jen smelled like a hospital after the two shared a hug we never saw. Jen was not here for the diss, which she called, “hurtful” after it was revealed that her aunt was sick and needed her legs amputated below the knee.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush or talk to somebody else, I’m just going to ask you,” Jen revealed of her own personality when it comes to dealing with differences on camera. “I think that gets me into drama this season because they’re just not used to my communication style and I admit, it’s not the best every time, but I’m just very passionate. I love my friends. Tongans, we’re very passionate. Our number one thing to us, our core, is our family, so my family also includes my friends. I don’t give that title out lightly, so I love my friends and I get pissed off and I fight hard and I’m very passionate. There’s drama. There’s ups and downs with some of the ladies throughout the season so you’ll just have to watch and see.”

Though the premiere was exciting for these new housewives, meeting Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! for the first time after the premiere was a major highlight. “It was surreal,” Jen said of the experience. “It was like, ‘Is this really happening? Oh my God, we’re on with Andy Cohen right now.’ He also apologized for us not being able to be in studio for the WWHL, but he was very gracious and very excited and just very complimentary and positive to all of us as an ensemble and to the franchise. Heather was totally awestruck. Heather is one that she always had something to say. She didn’t have anything to say. She was literally like, “Is this Andy Cohen?”

These ladies are full of fun and energy and seem to offer a new take on the perception of the Mormon lifestyle. Lisa Barlow, 46, Heather Gay, 46, Meredith Marks, 48, and Whitney Rose, 34, make up the rest of the cast. Between owning salons, successful boutiques, tequila companies and being kicked out of the Mormon culture, we are in for a real treat this season! The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

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