Yashua’s New ‘Dancing In The Rain’ Song Is Him Being ‘Unapologetically Me’

R&B/Pop singer Yashua has just released his new song, ‘Dancing In The Rain.’ He shares EXCLUSIVELY with HL why this song showcases how he’s without genre, and if the ‘King Of Pop’ reference in the music video was intentional or not.

“It wasn’t a coincidence – Michael [Jackson] is a big inspiration for me,” Yashua tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY of his new music video, “Dancing In The Rain.” During one scene, Yashua dons a fedora while playing the piano in a downpour. As the rain falls, Yashua gets up to dance, conjuring up the image of the late King of Pop with every move, step, and twirl. The Providence, Rhode Island native isn’t simply mimicking Michael but demonstrating the influence that the “Black and White” singer still has today.

For those unfamiliar with Yashua, “Dancing In The Rain” will be a perfect introduction. The song seamlessly blends elements of pop, R&B, hip-hop, EDM, and even a little rock (the guitar solo is killer, and invokes what Eddie Van Halen did on Michael’s “Beat It.”) “I feel like [“Dancing In The Rain” is] letting everyone know that I am unapologetically me and I do not fit into one genre,” Yashua tells HollywoodLife.

Yashua walks between the light and the dark

Yashua – the brother of Richard Camacho of the group CNCO – began building a buzz for himself behind the scenes as a songwriter. He penned CNCO’s 2017 hit, “Reggaeton Lento,” according to All Music. He also worked with acts like Matoma, Dillon Francis, Fancy Cars, and Karloff. Not content to simply be a musical powerhouse behind-the-scenes, Yashua signed with Marc Anthony’s Magnus Music to release his debut single, “Silencio,” in April 2018. Since then, he’s fast becoming one of the hottest names in music.

As demonstrated in “Dancing In The Rain,” this success hasn’t come out of nowhere. It’s required faith, perseverance, and a lot of hard work. “There are a lot of battles God helped me fight and win on a personal level,” Yashua said when reflecting on the past eleven months. “The biggest highlight [of 2020] is God making a way for me to release music again.”

The biggest highlight [of 2020] is God making a way for me to release music again.”
Yashua is currently working independently with singer-songwriter Maejor , who is also his producer and co-manager. Speaking of which, with 2021 around the corner, what is one goal that Yashua wants to accomplish before the new year is said and done? “To get one of my songs to be number one,” he says. Now, that would be something worth dancing in the rain about.

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