Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Bangs & Natural Hair While Begging Fans To Vote On Election Day — Watch

Selena Gomez looked naturally beautiful while taking to her IG Stories on Election Day to encourage her followers, especially in swing states, to vote in person.

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Selena Gomez is continuing to use her humungous platform to urge her fans to vote this election day. The pop star took to her Instagram Stories early in the morning on Nov. 3rd with a message for her followers about the importance of voting, while looking so gorgeous in her natural element! With wet hair and no make-up, Sel plead with her followers in swing states like Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida to vote today, in person, if they can.

“Hey guys, I know that many of you have voted and I’m so proud and I am so happy that you did, but there is (spic) plenty of other people who haven’t. And, I think they don’t plan to, so please, use mail-in ballots, please vote in person at this point, if you can,” the Rare Beauty founder said. “Especially in my hometown of Texas, in Pennsylvania, in Florida — your voice matters so much. People think that it doesn’t matter, but other elections have been this close before, so you have to understand that your voice does matter. It’s so important and I’m just so thankful that you guys are listening and I hope that you can get out there and if you can, please, please vote in person.”

Her sentiments echoed her BFF Taylor Swift‘s last-minute message to fans before election day began. “Hey. So we are all very stressed out about this election, rightfully so. I feel you,” Taylor began her solemn video. “But allow me to be the 1 millionth person to remind you that tomorrow is your last chance to make your voice heard and to make your vote count, so if you haven’t voted yet, please do. Stay safe, wear a mask, take care of yourselves. I love you very much. Happy voting.”

Selena excitedly took to Instagram last week on Voting Power Hour to reveal she was voting for her first time in this election, and she felt it was important to be brutally honest about it. In another video, in partnership with When We All Vote, the Texas native revealed why she had been hesitant to vote in the past, but the important lesson she learned that changed her mind. “I’m going to say that, because I’ve never felt — and this is so true, and I’m now admitting it to people — like my vote counts,” she said, before adding: “Every vote counts.”

FYI, Sel is correct. The 2016 election was decided by fewer than 80,000 voters. So yes, every, single vote counts. Visit to find your polling place and vote in person TODAY if you have yet to.

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