Michael Che Shades Lil Wayne On ‘SNL’ After He Supports Donald Trump: ‘He Puts Cough Syrup In Sprite’

With just days until the Nov. 3 election, 'SNL's full of politically-charged jabs -- including one at Lil Wayne, who is supporting Donald Trump.

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No one is safe from SNL, including Lil Wayne, 38! The “Lollipop” rapper was majorly shaded by “Weekend Update” co-host Michael Che, 37, following his public support of president Donald Trump, 74. “Lil Wayne met with President Donald Trump this week to discuss President Trump’s foogoo plan for the Black community — I don’t actually know what it’s called,” Michael began, referencing Wayne and the president’s surprising meeting just days ago.

“Many were surprised by Lil Wayne’s endorsement of President Donald Trump but keep in mind that Lil Wayne puts cough syrup in his sprite, so,” Michael quipped, referencing the “sizzurp” drink Wayne frequently raps about in songs, including 2008’s “Me & My Drank” (also a slang term for the concoction). Michael went on, “Rappers are not Black leaders. They’re just rappers. Stop negotiating with them. They only do this with Black people….rappers are too busy to be leaders.”

Lil Wayne posted a photo of himself with Trump on Oct. 29 to Twitter. “Just had a great meeting with
@realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership,” the rapper wrote. “He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done,” he added with a “call me” hand emoji.

Lil Wayne wasn’t the only rapper to get shaded on SNL. “I love Ice Cube but do you know how many jobs he has in addition to negotiating for Black people…you know why Malcolm X was such a good leader? Because he wasn’t also working on Barbershop 4,” Michael joked, also referencing Cube’s recent activism work that included an appearance on Red Table Talk. During the segment, Michael also made a sweet mention of co-host Colin Jost‘s recent marriage to Scarlett Johansson. “You just married Scarlett Johansson and I just bought an electric bike. We’re both doing great!”

Season 46 has been full of political zingers, including Jim Carrey‘s spoof of Joe Biden, 77. So far, the Canadian born actor has brought the laughs in several debate-themed sketches — including perhaps is his most memorable moment yet: becoming the viral fly on Vice President Mike Pence‘s head! Jim’s Joe transformed into the the insect — which was dubbed an “American Hero” by Gabrielle Union after a real debate — after an error with his teleportation machine!

Maya Rudolph‘s Kamala Harris didn’t seem very keen to let her opponent know about the stubborn fly, bringing the laughs. “I’m now going to fix my face so you don’t know what I’m thinking, but every Black woman will know. And some white woman. And every gay man,” she declared, noting that she was “good” when asked by the moderator for some help to let Beck Bennett‘s Pence know about the bug.

“Mr. vice President do you not feel for them at all?” Jim’s Joe (as the fly) pondered, as his wife Jill Biden — played by Heidi Gardner — wondered why the fly looked so much like Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum. “Yes, yes, your economy is so in the toilet I want to lay my eggs on it,” Joe-the-fly snickered as he got cozy on Beck-as-Mike’s head.

Season 46 has been chock full of surprises and big names since kicking off earlier this month, with hosts like Chris Rock and Adele taking the reigns! Justin Bieber also returned to the SNL stage to perform song “Holy” with Chance the Rapper, while Jack White and H.E.R. have appeared. John Mulaney, 38, hosted for the Halloween-themed Oct. 31 episode, while The Strokes performed.

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