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Cardi B & More Passionately React To Mike Pence ‘Violating’ The Rules Of Debate Like Trump

Celebs like Cardi B and Kerry Washington praised Kamala Harris' performance at the VP debate and called out Mike Pence for 'violating the rules' and preventing her from speaking.

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Celebrities rallied behind Senator Kamala Harris during the October 7 debate after seeing her forced to deal with Vice President Mike Pence‘s continual interruptions. Throughout the vice presidential debate, Harris repeatedly had to remind her opponent, “I’m speaking,” as he talked over her and exceeded his time limits. Stars like Cardi B and Kerry Washington sounded off on social media after witnessing Pence’s behavior.


Cardi, 27, posted a series of videos to Instagram during the debate and lended her signature commentary to the event. Saying that she wished she could have been there in person, Cardi called out Pence for “violating” the rules. “She said to shut the f**k up!” Cardi said in one of her videos while watching Harris’ “I’m speaking” moments. “Like, she’s trying to talk and he’s taking an extra 15 more seconds. Thank you, Vice President. Can you please stop talking?”

Kerry, 43, took umbrage with Pence’s anti-abortion stance at the debate. Pence erroneously claimed that Harris and her running mate, Joe Biden, support late-term abortion “up until the moment of birth,” and derided her for supporting Planned Parenthood. “I am #prochoice. It’s my body. It’s my life,” the Little Fires Everywhere actress tweeted. “@VP You think Americans have a right to make informed decisions about their masks? I think Americans have a right to make a decision about our uteruses. #VPDebate”.

Gabrielle Union, 38, like Cardi, was outraged that Pence wouldn’t stick to his allotted speaking time. “Kamala Harris is handing Pence is narrow ass and exposing this administration in such a masterful way…allllll while Pence refuses to follow the rules or tell the truth. Work of art.” Viola Davis, 55, shared a video of Harris crushing Pence during the debate and gushed about her performance.

“Behold the power, the unyielding power, compassion, empathy, vision and ownership of that who is WOMAN and who is BLACK,” the How To Get Away With Murder star tweeted. She added a quote, “”I am a WILD WOMAN. It would take a warrior to tame my spirit,” and urged her followers to vote for Biden/Harris. “We have to move forward together or not at all,” Viola concluded.