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‘Little Fires Everywhere’s Gavin Lewis Reveals Why He Thinks Moody Would ‘Forgive’ Elena & Trip

'Little Fires Everywhere' ended with a number of revelations. HL spoke with Gavin Lewis about why he believes Moody would 'eventually forgive' his mom and brother despite the hurt and anger he felt towards both of them.

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Little Fires Everywhere capped off a terrific season in a blaze of glory. In a surprising finale twist, three of the Richardson kids — Lexie, Trip, and Moody — set the fire that burned down their house. This united front came together after tensions with their mother boiled over and exploded. During a brutal fight between Elena and Izzy, Elena admitted in front of all her children that she never wanted Izzy. The confession caught everyone by surprise, and a devastated Izzy ran out of the house. Before she ran away, Izzy had started pouring gasoline all over her room after learning that Elena pushed Mia and Pearl to leave town. In her own way, Izzy laid the groundwork for the fire that her siblings eventually set.

All the Richardson kids had a reason for wanting to start the fire. Like Izzy, Moody was neglected by Elena compared to Lexie and Trip. In addition, Moody was devastated and furious to discover that Pearl was in a relationship with Trip. Even though he harbored anger towards both Elena and Trip in the finale, Gavin Lewis told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he believes Moody would have it in him to “eventually” forgive them. “Because I think the end of the episode was just about starting over,” Gavin said. “They made the choice to burn the house down. It all went crazy. There was sort of a connecting moment between the siblings. I think he’ll forgive his mom in the same way he will eventually forgive Trip, just thanks to that big final burning of the house.”

As Izzy walked out, Moody begged her not to leave him. Izzy apologized but told him that she couldn’t stay in Shaker Heights. Izzy ran away and Gavin admitted that he thinks Moody will try to find his sister. “I think Moody will start looking for Izzy as soon as he can, like as soon as everything’s been sorted out with his mom and his family,” Gavin continued. “He’s going to start looking for Izzy because he was so desperate for her not to leave and now he is truly alone in the house.”

After setting the fire, Moody stood in the hallway of the house just looking at the flames. Gavin said that Moody’s decision to light part of the fire wasn’t just about torching the not-so-perfect life that Elena had created for the family. “I think that’s sort of his apology to Izzy,” Gavin said. “He actually set both his and Izzy’s room on fire, so I think it’s sort of his… I’m sorry, I didn’t try harder. This is what I can do for you now. It’s a really big, emotional moment for him because I think he’s realized he’s failed his sister, and he’s ruined his relationship with his best friend. This all goes back to him wanting to start over and put everything behind him.”

Gavin does believe that Moody has regrets over the last things he said to Pearl before she left. He said the hurtful “language” Moody used in the fight with Pearl and Trip is “part of the reason he decided to help burn the house down. I think in that moment he realized that he was a lot more like his mom that he wanted to be. I think that was sort of the massive red flag.”

Little Fires Everywhere
Jordan Elsass and Gavin Lewis in the ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ finale. (Hulu)

While the series told the events of Celeste Ng’s book in its entirety, the possibility of season 2 is not totally out of the realm of possibility. “I would love to continue the story,” Gavin told HollywoodLife. “I loved playing the character, and I thought there were tons of fun relationships for me to play with. So I would always be happy to come back and do more. That’s up to Liz [Tigelaar] and Celeste if they feel like they want to tell more of the story there. I think there are definitely places they could take it, but I think they’ve capped it really well. It’s up in the air.”