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Jordan Fisher Reveals Why He & Ellie Woods Are Going Forward With Their Wedding, Despite The Pandemic

Jordan Fisher will marry the love of his life in November. He spoke to HL about why he & Ellie Woods decided to go forward with their plans despite the current pandemic.

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Jordan Fisher and Ellie Woods‘ wedding will be a bit different than planned due to the ongoing pandemic, but their love for each other is all they need! In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife to promote his new partnership with Verizon to explain what 5G Ultra Wideband really is with a four-part 5G education series, Jordan spoke about his upcoming nuptials and how he and Ellie are going forward with their wedding in a safe way.

“Obviously as things have moved and shifted, but my goal is that happy wife, happy life. My goal is that she is thrilled about everything that’s going on. Ultimately, we both just want to get married,” he explained. “I don’t really care where or when or how — we’re looking we’re looking forward to stepping into that new phase of our lives.”


The Work It star continued, “I’m just really just excited. At this point, we just want it done. We’re just over it, we’re like let’s just freakin’ do it!” The couple was due to get married in Hawaii, and the actor revealed they were “keeping their original plans” but doing the destination celebration at a later date. “Maybe we do another quick, small ceremony. We maybe just call it a celebration of love and have a multifamily, tribe-oriented vacation,” he said. “We’re going to end up having it in LA at home in November, in the backyard. We just are ready.”

Jordan spoke to HL in partnership with Verizon to explain how incredible their 5G Ultra Wideband capabilities are! “We came together and got a handful of people that we’ve collaborated on with this four-part video series to show you how 5G is going to change the game,” he explained. “We break the technological aspect all the way down to the most layman’s terms, like how 5G will positively affect you in your day to day life.”