Megan Thee Stallion Teases The ‘Bottom’ Of Her Face In Hilarious Musical Sketch On ‘SNL’ — Watch

Chris Rock, Pete Davidson, Kenan Thompson & Chris Redd also lent verses to this 'SNL' -approved hiphop tune, hilariously addressing pandemic dating woes.

Megan Thee Stallion, 25, just appeared in her first sketch on Saturday Night Live and it was everything! The “Hot Girl Summer” rapper popped up (and lent a verse) alongside Chris Redd in a tune aptly titled, “Bottom Of My Face.” On the track, Chris and Pete Davidson and Kenan Thompson address the pandemic dating problem of not being able to see their partner’s entire face.

“Hello. You got your mask on — trying to be swag…it’s been a month and three days. I want you in so many ways. But there’s one thing getting in the way: still haven’t seen the bottom of your face,” Chris said to Megan, who was clad in a black mask. “Bottom of your face…I love that mask, but for real what’s the deal?” he went on.

“Boy shut up…they don’t care about your wealth, they just wanna see you topless,” Megan retorted, with her signature sexy eye makeup. “Boy stop. You want a hot girl or not?” she asked, as the boys continued begging to see the “bottom of” her face. Host Chris Rock, 55 — who opened up season 46 with a bang — then popped up as the voice of reason. “Sure, she can twerk it — but you don’t know what the hell she looks like! Life is a rollercoaster — before you go back to that place, you gotta see bottom of her face,” he suggested.

SNL took to social media to make the announcement Chris would be hosting on Sept. 24. “October. 3. @chrisrock @theestallion,” the tweet read, also including Megan Thee Stallion’s name on a post-it note. The sketch program followed up with a hilarious montage of Chris hosting and appearing on the NBC series over the years. “Chris Rock. This Saturday. #SNLPremiere,” the show’s official Twitter account wrote alongside the short video.

The Grown Ups star has a lengthy history with the NBC sketch series, appearing as a regular cast member from 1990 – 1993. Alongside a successful stand-up career — that included several highly-rated HBO specials — Chris became a bonafide film star with movies like Down to EarthThe Longest Yard and Dogma. He later returned to SNL as host in 1996, then again in 2014 in addition to numerous cameos. Over the years, he became known for a number of roles, including Onski from the on-going “I’m Chillin'” themed sketches.

Most recently, Chris appeared in Dec. 2019 for Eddie Murphy‘s epic return to the SNL stage after over 30 years. “Did you get my sketch?” Chris asked Eddie on-stage, explaining that he had an idea for the Nutty Professor star to appear in a Law & Order themed skit including a UTI. “Yeah, but instead of Ice-T it’s cranberry juice,” Chris further explained, then throwing Eddie the ultimate shade: that he wouldn’t have missed the episode because his kids are huge fans of Lizzo, who was performing! Dave Chappelle and Tracy Morgan also made cameos.

The Brooklyn, New York native has previously opened up about his experience working on SNL — including the time showrunner Lorne Michaels told him that “everyone loses their first money. And if you’re talented, you’ll make more.” Chris later confessed he lived large in his first year on the series — including splurging on a red Corvette. “My first year on SNL, I made $90,000 dollars. And I bought a red Corvette for $45,000 dollars. I’m thinking, I’ve got 45 grand left!’ Taxes didn’t even come into my equation,” he said in 2012 to Details magazine. “At the end of the first year of making 90 grand I was 25, 30 in the hole. We live in this baller, spend-money culture,” he also said.

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