Vin Diesel Trades Fast Cars For A Furious Beat In New Dance Song With Kygo, ‘Feel Like I Do’

Add 'EDM superstar' to Vin Diesel's long-list of accolades. The 'Fast & Furious' icon teamed with DJ superstar Kygo to catch some chill vibes on his debut single, 'Feel Like I Do.'

It’s 2020, and Vin Diesel has a song out. Though Vin’s best known for kicking it into high gear in the Fast & Furious franchise, “Feel Like I Do” is less of a “drag race to the death” and more of a pleasant drive down the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset. Against a vibrant production that radiates the warmth of a happy memory, courtesy of superstar DJ Kygo, Vin sings about that spark one feels with a new love. “I’m not the type who likes to rush in / but I want to,” he sings, “I don’t know you / but it feels like I do.”

Vin sings with his trademark deep voice, and while he won’t be challenging Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, or Idina Menzel anytime soon, “Feel Like I Do” shows that he’s got some soul to his delivery. The track – released on Palm Tree Records – was written and produced by Peter Martin, a close collaborator of Vin and one who’s worked closely with Kygo in the past. The three have come together to craft a song that’s a perfect send-off to the summer.

Vin Diesel dropped his debut single ‘Feel Like I Do’

Earlier in 2020, Vin dipped his toes in the musical waters – sorta — by jumping on a remix of El Alfa and Lil Pump’s “Coronao Now.” Vin didn’t really sing on the track. It was more like Vin’s voice was diced into the remix as a very prominent sample, with the Bloodshot actor saying such phrases like, “F-ck you tu no entiende,” and “la pámpara prendía.” (h/t Billboard) This appearance came two years after Vin joined Nick Jam at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards to perform “El Ganador.”

Vin’s debut single is both surprising – and something he’s been telling people about for a while now. Vin stopped by The Late Late Show in March 2020 and told James Corden that he was recording an album of original music. “I gotta be honest with you, James, my kids love when I sing, and they love it so much,” he said, per Billboard. “it’s kinda like J.R.R. Tolkien, you know? He started telling his kids little stories about hobbits, and then next thing you know, here we are on The Lord of the Rings. I have a little bit of that in me.” Well, if Vin wanted to combine his love of music and J.R.R. Tolkien, he could always cover Led Zepplin’s “Ramble On.”

After all, Vin has covered many songs in the past. His social media feed is full of clips of him singing songs like Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Love” and Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” In 2013, he sang a version of Rihanna’s “Stay” as a Valentine’s Day treat. When handing out the award for Best Female Performance at the 2015  MTV Movie Awards, Vin took a moment to sing a version of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again,” dedicating it to his friend, the late Paul Walker. He would repeat this performance at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards.

In May 2015, Vin posted a video of him singing Tove Lo’s “Habits” on his Facebook page. As he sang the song, pictures of Paul Walker were projected behind him in loving tribute to the man Vin considered his brother.

Vin Diesel’s “Feel Like I Do,” from Palm Tree Records, is out now. Click here for more info.

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