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‘AGT’s Alan Silva Reveals What ‘Almost’ Took Him ‘Out Of The Competition’ Before His ‘Risky’ Final Act

Alan Silva saved his best performance for last but things could have ended up differently. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the finalist about his 'dangerous' final act, his wife's sweet surprise, and more.

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Alan Silva
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Aerialist Alan Silva wowed in his final AGT performance by taking things to a whole new level. He flew through the air and performed soaking wet as gallons of water rained down on him. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Alan of night two of the America’s Got Talent season 15 finale, and he revealed that this final act almost never happened — until he decided to change things up.

“I think it was very risky what I did,” Alan told HollywoodLife. “I mentioned before that the water almost took me out of the competition and the finals because of the weather. There was condensation on the set, and that is when I decided to use that as an advantage to incorporate water into my performance. Yes, it is very dangerous. Anyone dealing with water can just slip and fall by walking, right? So imagine holding on for your life on a wet surface and being that high. So, there was definitely a big risk factor there, but I feel that I always want to reinvent myself and do different things. Anything that can make my act more spectacular, so if I would be able to win and do more, I will research some things and I will keep the act exciting and have people on the edge of their seats.”

Alan Silva
Alan Silva flies through the air as water rains down during the finals. (NBC)

Throughout season 15, Alan has been separated from his wife, Bethany, and family. He got the surprise of his life when she showed up in Los Angeles to support him. Alan admitted that it helped him “emotionally” to have Bethany by his side.

Alan is one of the 10 finalists hoping to win AGT season 15. If he wins, Alan will receive a $1 million cash prize. The aerialist already knows what he would do with the money, and it would involve taking care of his loved ones and a cause he cares about.

Alan Silva
Alan Silva during his final ‘AGT’ performance. (NBC)

“I am not very materialistic. I would just like to secure a future for my kids and put my money away, especially with the pandemic,” Alan said. “The live shows and acrobatic acts, we are out of work because of the pandemic. So even after AGT is finished, I don’t have work anymore. So I would like to be smart with it. I would also like to support a cause and try to donate some to a cause for people who go through some type of bullying or something like that. Just try to help people get back on their feet because I know some of those kids, they lock themselves out and they separate themselves from society, so just trying to help those causes for sure. That is one of the things I would like to do.”