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‘AGT’ Recap: An Amazing Acrobat Stuns The Judges & Defies Bullies

'AGT' season 15 has brought so many emotional performances during the auditions. The June 23 episode was no different. The latest acts inspired and moved the audience to tears.

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The June 23 episode of America’s Got Talent featured so many incredible performances. Sofia Vergara’s Modern Family co-star Eric Stonestreet joined the judges while Heidi Klum stayed home because she was sick. From a 12-year-old singer to a stand-up comedian to a magician, the acts didn’t disappoint.

Singer Shaquira McGrath was a notable performer of the night. She wowed the judges with her terrific performance of “Redneck Woman.” Simon Cowell raved that Shaquira had a “great voice.” Howie Mandel said she totally “crushed it.”

America's Got Talent
Eric Stonestreet joined the judges while Heidi Klum was out sick. (NBC)

Rapper Chef Boy Bonez was one of the most memorable performances of the night because of one thing: his eyes. Chef Boy Bonez had the shocking ability to bulge his eyeballs from his eye sockets. His gift scared Sofia out of her seat in fear. At one point, she even tripped and fell into a couple of audience members. This performance was not her cup of tea. She begged Eric not to send him to the next round, but he didn’t listen. Chef Boy Bones and his eyes will be back in the next round.

The final performance of the June 23 episode was acrobat Alan Silva. The Brazilian-born acrobat defied the bullies he’d faced in the past and showed the world his fabulous talent. His wife, son, and daughter were backstage watching him. Alan revealed that this was the first time his kids were getting to see him perform.

America's Got Talent
Alan Silva soared through the air during the June 23 episode. (NBC)

AGT is part of Alan’s family. His brother, Alfredo, was part of Deadly Games. Alan has amazing skills just like his brother. His aerial silk work was nothing short of amazing. He flew through the air effortlessly and revealed his solid tumbling skills.

After the performance, Alan started to cry. His kids ran out to hug their dad. “That was the performance of a giant,” Sofia raved. “It was unbelievable.” Simon called Alan a “natural performer” and the “best act we’ve seen all day long.”