TikToker Madi Monroe Gushes Over ‘Instant Friendship’ With Charli & Avani & Talks e.l.f’s TikTok Reality Show

Eyes, lips, FAMOUS! Madi Monroe is judging the first ever TikTok reality TV show with e.l.f cosmetics & spoke to HL about all things TikTok!

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Do that thing with your eyes! TikTok star and Hype House member Madi Monroe is taking things on the video sharing app to the next level with the help of e.l.f cosmetics, which launched the very first TikTok reality TV show, #Eyes.Lips.Famous. The 16-year-old social media mogul spoke to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview about judging the new reality TV show and her amazing friendships with fellow TikTokers Charli D’Amelio and Avani Gregg.

“When Charli came out to LA for the first time, she was at my house with my best friend Chase and we were all hanging out, but I had to go to a meeting and we didn’t even speak, but then we followed each other from the beginning, and just gradually, we started talking… and we became best friends instantly,” Madi said of her friendship with TikTok’s most followed star, Charli D’Amelio. “A lot of time people are going to judge you, and this is the same with me and Avani, we all have that in common — everyone is constantly judging us. But, when we’re together, we’re very powerful. We really do truly love each other so much. And we are really best friends.”

TikTok Star Madi Monroe (Courtesy of Madi Monroe for e.l.f Cosmetics)

Madi, joined by BFF Avani Gregg and Seth O’Brien, was chosen to hand-select her favorite TikTok makeup artist who recreated the perfect look using e.l.f cosmetics! Now the show, #Eyes.Lips.Famous, will follow each of judges choices as they join a multi-week beauty camp hosted by the judges, which will be focused on honing the winners’ skills through various challenges and hands-on coaching – all done virtually!

“I was really looking for someone who is really passionate about being a makeup artist and really passionate about social media and just diehard fans of the products,” Madi said about her choice for the competition, Devvynn. “She has such great technique and her makeup is always flawless. What really stuck out to me was her eye look because she does like super bright, colorful eyes… plus, she has such a bubbly personality. Literally, we did a call about two days ago and we’re basically the same person.”


Our lovely winners showing us the making of their #Euphoria Inspired makeup looks ✨ @makeupby.olivia @makeupbymonicaa @makeup_by_devvynn 💕

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The first challenge Devvynn had to do was to recreate the award winning Euphoria make up look, but with their own personal twist, and Madi thinks she crushed it! “I was really looking for something bold and bright with the use of gems and she did gems on the side of her face and a purple eye look,” she explained. “I don’t even like the color purple. But she made me like the color purple!”

You can follow along on e.l.f.’s TikTok channel, @elfyeah, through September and October.