Britney Spears Claims Her Butt Has ‘Gotten Smaller’ On A ‘Candy Diet’ — Before & After Videos

Britney Spears has posted a new dancing video to Instagram, but it's her caption that fans are paying attention to. She claimed to be on a 'candy diet' that was making her 'smaller'.

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Image Credit: SplashNews

Britney Spears, 38, has opened up about her latest diet, and it apparently involves a lot of candy! The pop star posted a new Instagram video on September 11, which showed her doing a dance workout in the entryway to her home, and it was accompanied by an interesting caption. “check out my ass… it’s gotten smaller … it’s called the candy diet,” she wrote. In the clip, Britney donned a pair of black booty shorts and a lacy black bralette. She compared the clip to another dancing video she posted the day before, which she said was actually filmed two weeks prior.

In that clip, the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” singer danced in a black crop top and yellow floral short shorts. “Yes …
I know I’m barefoot and my hair is once again a hot mess !!!! If you only knew what it’s like dancing in heels every night in Vegas and spending hours getting my hair and makeup perfect,” she wrote in her caption, adding, “Only then would you understand why my feet go to the holy ground whenever they can.”

It comes less than one month after Britney asked to have her father Jamie Spears, 68, removed from her controversial conservatorship. In court docs obtained by HollywoodLife, Britney now “strongly opposes” having her dad as the “sole conservator of her estate.” She now “strongly prefers” that, a “qualified corporate fiduciary [is] appointed to serve in this role.” In addition to those wishes, it was also revealed that Britney has a “stated desire not to perform at this time” which likely foils any hopes that Britney fans had of her returning to Las Vegas for residency, or going on tour.

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