Caroline Jones Gets More ‘Intimate’ Than Ever With New Track ‘Intimacy’ About The ‘Need To Connect’ With Someone

Caroline Jones continues her monthly release series with her most vulnerable track yet. The singer spoke to HL about the new song 'Intimacy.'

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If you’re looking for the perfect end of summer, uptempo track, then look no further than Caroline Jones‘ “Intimacy.” The singer-songwriter wrote and co-produced the song, that also is supplemented with a music video that features Caroline’s dancing talents. Directed by projectblackboxx and choreographed by Candace Brown, the accompanying video shows Caroline’s first public foray into dance, which is something she’s always wanted to add to her show!

“Intimacy is a song about the push and pull of needing to connect and needing to open yourself up emotionally to someone — we all have that,” Caroline explained about the song details in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “It’s a very deep desire and need that we have as humans to be emotionally honest and raw, but it’s also intimidating how you run the risk of vulnerability and rejection. And so, ‘Intimacy’ is kind of this internal conflict that we all face at certain times in relationships.”

Caroline Jones is an American country music singer and songwriter and a radio host.

Caroline added that she’s excited for people to see another artistic side of her through the dancing in the music video. “It was so much fun to explore another artistic outlet, and it’s something I want to do more of,” she said. “It also really helped me think differently about my other crafts, like singing, guitar playing and playing different instruments and even producing. Just because when you dip your toe in a different craft that you’re not used to and you’re not trained in, then it kind of involves your childlike playful spirit again, which is really fun and bleeds into my other crafts.”

The “Bare Feet” singer whose past releases have had a tropical, Jimmy Buffett-country inspired feel, added that she’s tapping into her other influences in the pop realm. “‘Intimacy’ is more pop alternative than my other music,” Caroline told HL. “Specifically, for this song, there’s some influence from Julia Michaels — the way that she incorporates some orchestration and orchestral samples in her music. it was fun to create all the different orchestral textures for the song, but what really makes it pop is the syncopation of the melody, which was really fun to have to do.”

Check out the for BTS footage of Caroline’s music video for “Intimacy!”

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