Sylvester Stallone’s Daughters Reveal The Hilarious Way He’s Helped Them Dump Past Boyfriends

Sophia and Sistine Stallone get very candid on their podcast 'Unwaxed' and in a recent interview to promote their new show they spilled all the tea on what it's like to date Sly Stallone's daughters. 

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Sylvester Stallone, 74, gives “the best” dating advice, according to his daughters Sophia Stallone, 24, and Sistine Stallone, 22. The stunning sisters spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife while promoting their new podcast Unwaxed and revealed that they sometimes even get their dad’s help when they’re trying to find the right words to let a guy go.

“He actually gives the best dating advice,” Sistine shared with HollywoodLife. “In terms of what to say if we don’t know how to answer a guy’s text. Or if we’re trying to break up with a guy he’ll give us really good advice…on how to cut them off. There are guys that have been broken up with, via my dad, and they have no idea.”

 Sylvester Stallone Daughters Dating Advice
Sylvester Stallone poses with his daughters Sistine and Sophia Stallone.

It’s not just the ‘Rocky’ patriarch that weighs in on their dating lives, their mom Jennifer Flavin, 52, and younger sister Scarlett Stallone, 18, also get a say. “When you date one of us, you date the entire family,” Sistine explained. “So if don’t have all of our approval you just cannot come into the home. But, if you can pass the test of our entire family and get all four yeses across-the-board, then you must be a stand up guy.”

Sophia was quick to point out that they’re not forcing potential suitors to jump through hoops. “We are not hard on them. It’s not like ‘if you don’t do this or that then you won’t pass the test.’  We are definitely the most open, fun family, we are very casual.”

So what does it take to impress them? “We all require different things,” Sistine revealed. “My little sister wants someone to be extremely funny. My dad want someone to give a firm handshake and my mom wants someone who’s a gentleman.”

Sylvester Stallone Daughters Dating Advice
Sylevester Stallone’s daughters Scarlett, Sistine and Sophia pose together on the red carpet.

“This is why we’re single,” they both joked in unison.

Sophia and Sistine are taking full advantage of their single status and using their dating lives as fodder for their podcast ‘Unwaxed.’ “You see on the show that we decided to date around a bit, nothing too close you know, we are social distancing because of quarantine,” Sophia spilled.

“We’re out there, we’re fishing in the dating pool. We just keep pulling in flounders and we’re looking for a nice salmon,” cracked Sistine. “I want someone that is a good conversationalist,” she added. “Someone that is intellectual and that they can teach me things. And someone that is really funny, because I have a really dry sense of humor and they need to be able to keep up with that.”

Sophia admitted that she can “be dorky” so she wants someone that finds that quality in her endearing. “I want a guy that will watch Harry Potter with me, someone that doesn’t need me to always be cool. I can turn that on when I need to, but I want someone that likes to have fun and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I just want somebody nice and down to earth.”

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Although their new podcast will dive into their dating struggles it won’t be limited to their love lives. They plan to have a variety of guests on — including their famous parents. “It’s so funny because at least once a week they’ll ask us when we’re going to have them on the podcast. And we definitely want to have them on but we want to save their episode until our feet are a little more grounded and we sort of have the flow of it going we really want to make it a super fun episode so we’re gonna wait but it will definitely be soon,” promised Sistine.

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