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Hailey Baldwin Rocks A Cropped ‘Vote’ Sweatshirt To Promote Voting Education For New Levi’s Campaign

Hailey Baldwin is getting out the vote! The model rocked a cropped 'VOTE' hoodie in a new Levi's voter education campaign, imploring her fans to register before the presidential election in November.

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Hailey Baldwin
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Hailey Baldwin is making a statement with her fashion. The model, 23, is the star of the new Levi’s 2020 Vote campaign, which is encouraging Americans to “get educated about their voting status, voting rights, and registration information” before the November 3 presidential election. In the first images from the campaign, Hailey is shown rocking a pair of classic, high-waisted Levi’s jeans, paired with a cropped “VOTE” hoodie.

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin teamed up with Levi’s to encourage her fans to vote in the 2020 election (Courtesy of Levi’s/MEGA)

“This election is the most important in my lifetime,” Hailey stated on the Vote Collection site. In a video address, which you can watch above, she urged Americans to “cast your promise [and] cast your vote” in the general election. She was joined by a slew of other celebrities in the PSA, including her friend Jaden Smith. “With all the change we need to see in the world, the progress we need, voting is the one way any individual can have a say in his or her future,” Jaden, 22, stated. “If my generation registers and votes en masse, then we control the future. But you have to vote!!!”

Hailey is eagerly awaiting November 3, and the chance to see President Donald Trump leave office. She revealed in 2018 that Trump’s election tore her family apart. While her uncle, Alec Baldwin, won an Emmy for skewering the president on Saturday Night Live, her father, Stephen Baldwin, was a Celebrity Apprentice contestant and one of Trump’s earliest supporters. Alec and Stephen actually stopped speaking because of their differing political views.

Hailey voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. “I love my father, he’s an amazing dad, but we so strongly disagreed” on the 2016 election, Hailey told The Sunday Times. “He and my sister [Alaia] strongly disagreed on it. My sister’s husband, like everyone on our side, just doesn’t agree with him. We don’t talk about it now. It’s not worth the argument.”

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, there’s still time to do so. Listen to Hailey and sign up to vote using the form below, courtesy of our friends at Rock The Vote: