‘RHOBH’: Brandi Glanville Crashes Dorit Kemsley’s Party Searching For Denise Richards

Brandi Glanville crashed Dorit Kemsley's party during the Aug. 26 episode of 'RHOBH', and revealed that she wanted to confront Denise Richards about their ongoing drama.

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Dorit Kemsley didn’t invite Brandi Glanville to her housewarming party, so the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were shocked to see her show up as Kim Richards‘ “plus one” during the Aug. 26 season finale. Especially considering Denise Richards was invited to the same party, and if they crossed paths, all hell would break loose. Fortunately for Dorit, though, that never happened.

Denise was actually supposed to go to the party with Garcelle Beauvais, but when Garcelle went to Denise’s hotel to pick her up, Denise wouldn’t answer her phone calls. Garcelle thought it was odd, and when she showed up to Dorit’s she asked if Brandi was invited, thinking maybe that was the reason why Denise ditched the big bash. However, Dorit made it clear that she didn’t invite Brandi nor was she expecting her to show up.

“Oh my god, thank god Denise is not here,” Dorit said in her confessional. “But, holy s***. Never mind Denise, I’m not exactly in the best places with this girl who’s now in my house!” But just moments later, Brandi made her grand appearance and when confronted by Dorit, Brandi said that she texted Denise the night before the party. She told Denise that they needed to sit down and chat because not only did Denise allegedly turn Brandi into a “cheater”, but now she’s telling the ladies Brandi’s a “liar”.

Brandi Glanville talks to Dorit Kemsley on ‘RHOBH’. (Bravo)

Anyway, after Brandi showed up and revealed that she had texted Denise, it seemed pretty clear why Denise bailed on the party. And just days later, Denise sent the cast and producers cease and desist letters. She also stopped filming altogether, except for a brief reunion with Lisa Rinna.

And that’s when Lisa caught Denise in a big lie. Denise asked Lisa if they could get together and talk about everything, so Lisa invited Denise over to her house. But when they sat down on the couch to talk things out, Lisa learned that Denise really didn’t have a “family emergency” the night of Dorit’s party — as she had told producers. Instead, Denise just didn’t want to face Brandi.

Then, when Lisa brought up the cease and desist letters that Denise sent out, Denise became “so angry”. She begged Lisa to tell her how she knew that, but Lisa wouldn’t say. Instead, she told Denise to start being honest. But Denise insisted that she was being truthful. She even suggested that Brandi’s texts — the ones that Brandi showed the cast at Teddi Mellencamp‘s baby shower — were fake. “There is an app that can revise text messages, so whatever Brandi has, I don’t even care,” Denise said during one of her confessionals. And the season ended without any sort of resolution regarding the drama between Brandi and Denise.

Want more? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills three-part reunion kicks off on Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 9pm on Bravo.

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