‘AGT’ Recap: Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin Catches On Fire During Dangerous Act

The Aug. 18 episode of 'AGT' featured incredible and thrilling performances during the second round of the quarterfinals. One act even caught on fire in the middle of his act!

The America’s Got Talent quarterfinals continue with another round of performances. This week, Kenan Thompson is filling in for Simon Cowell. Singer Kelvin Dukes is up first. He performs a solid rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.” Howie Mandel tells the 14-year-old that he has a “really good career ahead of him,” and Heidi Klum says that he’s one of her “favorites this season.”

The Shape is a group of 18 dancers who submitted their tape online. Given the pandemic, they haven’t had anywhere to practice, so they have had to get creative. For AGT, they perform on top of a building in downtown LA, complete with matching outfits and protective face gear. “That was a masterclass of precision and timing,” Heidi raves. Sofia Vergara adds that the performance was “spectacular.”

Kenan Thompson
Kenan Thompson is the guest judge for the Aug. 18 episode. (NBC)

Kameron Ross sings Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons,” and it’s a little pitchy. Howie admits that he didn’t love the song choice, but thinks America will love him. Heidi says she “wanted it to be good,” but “this was not my most favorite rendition of this song.”

Bad Salsa performs from India in an incredible location. Their performance is thrilling from start to finish. The dancers are so fast! “It was amazing,” Heidi raves. She says they should be called “Badass Salsa” instead. “My mind is blown,” Kenan says, before adding that he noticed a minor slip-up at the end. Howie says he didn’t notice the mistake and calls the performance the “best of the night” so far.

Vincent Marcus returns to the AGT stage with more impressions. His performance includes impressions of Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem, Lil Nas X, and more. Kenan notes that Eminem is definitely Vincent’s “best” impression. Howie admits he didn’t like this performance as much as the last one, but he thinks Vincent is a “crazy talent.”

Alexis Brownley and her pups are back for the quarterfinals with another super cute and fun act. Heidi calls Alexis “so sweet,” and Sofia thinks she’s “so inspiring for kids.” Bonavega dazzles with a fun and lively performance. Heidi loves his vibe and calls him “so cool” and “so unique.” The Spyros Bros wow the judges with their latest performance. Howie raves over their “precision.”

Daneliya Tuleshova wows with her Harry Styles cover. (NBC)

Daneliya Tuleshova stuns with a gorgeous rendition of Harry Styles’ “A Sign of the Times.” She makes the cover her own and showcases her incredible vocals. “You’re already a star,” Howie tells Daneliya. Sofia declares Daneliya’s cover her “favorite performance of the night.”

Danger act Jonathan Goodwin takes the competition to a whole new level with his latest act called “Trial By Fire.” He’s never done it before because it’s so dangerous. “My life is absolutely on the line,” he notes. He is doused in fuel and handcuffed. He has to free himself before he catches on fire. Oh, and he can’t even see the locks he’s picking!

Sofia wonders if a medic is close by. The fire lights very quickly, and Jonathan is surrounded by flames. He soon catches on fire while still trying to pick the locks. Thankfully, he frees himself before it’s too late! Heidi says he’s “fully insane.” Sofia loved “the suspense” of the performance.

The final performance of the night is Voices of Our City Choir. They perform a moving rendition of “Stand By Me.” Kenan calls the performance “amazing,” and Sofia tells the choir that they bring “hope” during this difficult time.

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