Cheat Codes ‘Vibe Out’ With Wiz Khalifa & DVBBS On Your New Summer Anthem ‘No Time’

There’s ‘no time’ like the present to just take a break and – chill – and Cheat Codes have teamed up with Wiz Khalifa, DVBBS and Prince$$ Rosie for the perfect track to help you find a moment of zen.

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Some of the greatest minds have racked their brains around time. Albert Einstein. Stephen Hawking. Michael J. Fox. Now, Cheat Codes have joined in the discussion, offering up their own theory about “No Time.” As in, the practice of giving “no time” to drama and “living fast like there’s no time” left. Aiding the group in this dissertation – aka the new song they just dropped today (Aug. 14) — is the distinguished professor Wiz Kalifa, EDM duo DVBBS, and Prince$$ Rosie, the alter-ego/solo side project of Cheat Codes member KEVI. “No Time” is, as the group tells HollywoodLife, a new summer jam to help fans slow it down a bit and make time to enjoy life before there is “no time” left.

It’s also a huge checkmark on Cheat Codes’ bucket list. “We did it! We made a stoner anthem with DVBBS and Wiz Khlalifa, we can retire now!” the band – comprised of KEVI, Matt and Trevor Dahl – tells HollywoodLife. “We have Dahl on the hook, Princess Rosie and Wiz on the verses and collaborated with DVBBS on the production. That’s that dream team, 96-97 perfect squad right there.” Though the band is talking about – presumably – the Chicago Bulls, the group tells us that the track has a distinctively California spirit to it. “This is a perfect quarantine summer song, just vibe out, blast it in your car, while driving on the PCH,” says Cheat Codes.

Cheat Codes here with their new single

Whether you’re driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, the Jersey Turnpike, Route 66 or some remote part of I-95, Cheat Codes should be on the playlist. The group has been putting out the perfect additions to your soundtrack. Be it “Heaven,” their divinely upbeat banger, or their inspirational “On My Life” or their hauntingly beautiful “No Service In The Hills,” there’s a Cheat Codes for every moment, every season, every time.

Cheat Codes, looking towards to the future (Grace Rivera)
Cheat Codes — KEVI, Matt and Trevor — always the stylish troupe (Grace Rivera)

The latter song – “No Service In The Hills” – featured blackbear and Trippie Redd, and came with a Bella Thorne-directed music video that starred Logan Paul and Mike Majila. Though the song was about “the everyday struggle we face living here in Los Angeles,” the band told HollywoodLife in January, the song has a universal appeal for anyone who has ever had a moment where they’ve lost service (or, as Trippie sings on the track, lost “purpose.”) Thankfully, when that moment happens again, all one needs to do is spend 2:32 – how long it takes to listen to “No Time” – to get back on that “vibe” and make it through the day.

No Time” is out now.