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Cheat Codes, Trippie Redd & Blackbear Search For A Connection In ‘No Service In The Hills’

What happens when life hits a ‘dead zone?’ Cheat Codes team up with Blackbear and Trippie Redd to spit some bars while searching for some bars in the LA-centric ‘No Service In The Hills.’

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It’s 2020, and there are still places where you can’t get decent cell reception, even in Los Angeles. Yet, after listening to the new collab between electronic trio Cheat Codes, Blackbear, and Trippie Redd, maybe there’s an upside to how there’s “No Service In The Hills.” The song, released on Jan. 31, perfectly captures the late-afternoon vibe, one of a party where everyone is chilling while their phones aren’t blowing up due to lack of service. “No Service In The Hills” showcases a different sound for Cheat Codes, but considering the success of the track, it’s one that the band should pursue more. It’s a slice of pure alt-rap dance goodness, thanks to Cheat Codes’ amazing production, the enchanting flow from Blackbear (perfected on his hit “Hot Girl Bummer”), and Redd’s lyrics, which are pure fire. It’s 2020’s first major earworm, an excellent marriage of everyone’s styles that begs for more collaboration from everyone involved.

“Whether it’s playing phone tag with your ride-or-die OR ex,’ ‘No Service In The Hills’ reps the everyday struggle we face living here in Los Angeles,” Cheat Codes tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, before clueing us into what’s next for the group. “We took 2019 to map out a plan of attack to conquer 2020 – we’re stoked that the new year is finally here and we get to show you guys everything we’ve been working on!  New year.  New bangers. New Cheat Codes.”

The project also features PRINCE$$ ROSIE, the new solo project from Cheats Codes member, KEVI. Along with Trevor Dahl and Matthew Russell, the trio has been making waves ever since their 2015 debut single, “Visions.” While racking up hits on the Hype Machine charts, Cheat Codes put in the work, gaining millions of views on YouTube and earning as many fans while hitting the road with acts like The Chainsmokers.

As of 2020, Cheat Codes has garnered over 4 billion streams. The group’s biggest hits include the No. 1 Dance Radio banger “Who’s Got Your Love” (featuring Daniel Blume) off of their level 2 dance EP. The group has worked with practically everyone on your favorite Spotify playlists: Demi Lovato, Kim Petras, Fetty Wap, Liam Payne, Sofia Reyes, Little Mix, and more. As a band, Cheat Codes is open to collaborating with anyone and everyone, so long as it benefits the song.

“The reason we even started Cheat Codes was because we wanted to not to be restricted by genres and by too many rules,” Matt told Euphoria magazine last year. “I think Trevor felt like when he was doing his acoustic music, if he added a synthesizer it would be like, “Whoa what’re you doing?” I think he felt like there were certain rules, so one of the things with Cheat Codes is we were pretty open about where a song comes from.”

“A lot of times because we come from a songwriting background we like to write the songs first–the rhythm and melodies, and then build the track from there. But if we’re inspired by an instrumental, then we’ll write the melodies to that,” Matt continued. “And sometimes we’ll start the song and pretty much have a full demo or most of the song written, and from there we’ll be like ‘This would be perfect for a singer.’ With “No Promises,” we had the song on hand, we finished up almost all of the production, and then we approached Demi to do the record with us, and she sounded great on it.”

With Demi returning to music, maybe she’s up for another collaboration? Here’s hoping she isn’t in the hills when Cheat Codes give her number a buzz.