Dr. Terry Dubrow Teases ‘Harder’ & ‘Weirder’ Cases In New Episodes Of ‘Botched’ 

'Botched' is currently airing all-new season 6 episodes. Dr. Terry Dubrow is no stranger to wild cases, but he told HollywoodLife that cases are getting 'weirder' by the day in the operating room!

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Botched is back with new episodes, and Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif continue to face challenging plastic surgery cases head-on. The hit E! reality show is now in its sixth season, and the Botched docs have seen their fair share of shocking cases. Despite all he’s seen, Dr. Dubrow revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that this season is very “unique.”

“It’s interesting. I was just doing a case the other day on Botched, and I looked at it with my assistant who’s been with me 20 years and said, ‘Is it me or is this getting weirder?’ And she goes, ‘Oh, it’s getting much weirder,'” Terry told HollywoodLife. “This season that’s out right now is an interesting, unique season because it’s very weird. Rather than just having patients who had too much plastic surgery or had a bad outcome, there’s patients who often had a congenital deformity or an accident or disease and had cosmetic surgery to treat that. So this season you’ve got the bad plastic surgery on top of the underlying problem that they came in with which makes it even more complicated.”

Dr. Terry Dubrow Dr. Paul Nassif
Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif are the stars of ‘Botched.’ (E!)

He noted that when the “underlying tissue has been impaired from some accident or something, it makes it that much harder.” Dr. Dubrow called this season a “combination of Botched and Botched by Nature.” The upcoming episodes will also dive into what’s going on in Paul’s personal life.

Terry Dubrow
Dr. Terry Dubrow is also the host of ‘License to Kill’ on Oxygen. (E!)

“There’s a lot of weird, wild stuff that combines both pre-existing conditions and too much plastic surgery,” Terry said. “It’s a much more unique, complex season than previous seasons, and Paul got married and his wife is pregnant. They’re going to have a girl, so we get into that a bit.”

Yes, there’s a Botched baby on the way! Paul and Brittany’s baby girl is due Oct. 19. Botched airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on E!