Laura & Vanessa Marano Discuss The ‘Privilege’ We All Have To Vote: ‘You Are Voting For The World That You Want’

As deadlines approach in several states to register to vote, sisters Vanessa & Laura Marano tell fans why it's so important to exercise your right to vote.

Vanessa & Laura Marano
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The election on November 3, 2020 is fast approaching and it’s more important than ever that you are registered to vote! Voter registration deadlines vary state to state, and some are just around the corner. spoke to star sisters Vanessa and Laura Marano on the HollywoodLife podcast, and the girls reminded all listeners of the incredible “privilege” it is to vote.

“What we have to remember is it’s a privilege to vote, but it’s also a right — a right that people fought for. 2020 marks 100 years of women being able to vote, and, at the end of the day, there’s a reason people fought so hard for this,” Vanessa explained. “Voting puts power back in the hands of the people and can enact change. It’s extremely important to vote for the president, but it’s also extremely important to vote for your mayor. It’s extremely important to vote for judges. It’s extremely important to vote for your attorney general.”

Vanessa & Laura Marano discussed why it’s important to vote. (AP Images)

Laura acknowledged that it’s time consuming and can be difficult to gather all the information to properly educate yourself on every candidate, but it’s “so worthwhile.” “We can complain, we can speak up, we can use our social media to be like, ‘I’m so upset at the world right now,’ and there are a variety of different ways to make change and voting is that, because you’re voting for people who represent your interests, and you’re voting for the world that you want.”

Vanessa doubled-down on the narrative that “your vote doesn’t count,” calling it a form of “voter suppression.” “One vote can make a difference. It doesn’t matter where you live, your vote does matter, and you matter and the people who fought for your right to vote, honor them by voting.”

Vanessa & Laura Marano pose for a picture at the ‘Mulan’ premiere. (AP Images)

Click here to find out when your state’s voter registration deadline for the Nov. 3 general election is! And, use our module below to register to vote here on!

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