‘Upside-Down Magic’ Stars Reveal The New DCOM Centers Around The ‘Power Of Friendship’

The premiere day of 'Upside-Down Magic' has finally arrived. HL spoke with Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong about Nory and Reina's incredible friendship, what to expect in the DCOM, and more.

Get ready for a spellbinding Disney Channel Original Movie! Upside-Down Magic airs July 31 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel. Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong star as Nory and Reina, two best friends who head to Sage Academy for Magical Studies. They end up on separate journeys when it comes to their magic, but their friendship remains at the heart of the movie. HollywoodLife spoke with the stars about what to expect from their characters and more.

Reina is a flare and winds up at the top of her class at Sage Academy. “That means she has the ability to manipulate heat, which is kind of funny because she’s very powerful, but at the same time she’s insecure and she’s vulnerable because she’s separated from Nory during the movie,” Siena told HollywoodLife. “But [she’s] very calm and cool and put together.”

Siena Agudong Izabela Rose
Siena Agudong and Izabela Rose star as BFFs in the DCOM. (Disney Channel)

As for Nory, she ends up going on an unexpected journey. “Nory is a very optimistic, enthusiastic, determined 13-year-old girl who arrives at Sage Academy ready to perfect her ability as a flexer, which means she can turn into animals. But after getting rejected by Sage Academy because her magic is different from her other fellow students, she is sent to the UDMs, where kids with wonky or underdeveloped magic go to. I think Nory picks up all the UDMs, and they set out to prove to Sage Academy that even though their magic is different doesn’t mean it should make them outcasts.”

Even though they’re separated upon getting to Sage Academy, Nory and Reina’s friendship remains a core part of their lives. “I think Nory and Reina are very supportive friends. Reina does get accepted into Sage Academy, and Nory gets accepted into the UDMs, so they’re apart during this whole entire time. I think they do make that time to be supportive friends and check up on each other.”

Siena Agudong Izabela Rose
A scene from the new DCOM ‘Upside-Down Magic.’ (Disney Channel)

Siena added: “Throughout the movie you kind of see their journey, which is like a hidden message in the movie. You can see the power of friendship and the power of supporting one another because they both bring out the best in each other, and although they’re separate they really do need each other in those times of vulnerabilities as they’re separated.”

Upside-Down Magic is the latest in a long line of amazing Disney Channel Original Movies. HollywoodLife had to ask Izabela and Siena about their fave DCOMs of the past. For Izabela, she’s all about Halloweentown. Siena loves the Camp Rock movies since she’s grown up around music. Now they’ve both joined the DCOM family!

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