‘RHONY’: Leah Makes Out With Luann & Elyse Amid Drunken Antics In The Berkshires

After a rosé fueled night that left both Sonja and Luann in tears, the ladies woke up and discovered that someone had abruptly left Blue Stone Manor during the July 16 episode of 'RHONY'.

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After watching the July 16 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, we feel hungover and we didn’t even drink. The ladies did plenty of that for us. In fact, they practically did it 10 times over. The ladies drank so much this week that nearly everyone got into a fight with each other, and some even shed some tears.

It all started with Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer criticizing Luann de Lesseps for not appreciating Sonja Morgan. They felt as though Sonja deserved a bigger compensation for her part in Luann’s cabaret show, but Luann didn’t agree because she said she’s the “major star” in the show.

And things just escalated from there — Luann called Dorinda a know-it-all and Dorinda called Luann a “drunken fool”. Then, things took a turn for the worst when Dorinda got in Luann’s face and yelled, “You have a mug shot of your drunkenness.” Immediately after the words came out of Dorinda’s mouth, Luann looked like she got punched in the gut. And in just a matter of seconds, Luann was crying, packing her bags, and leaving Blue Stone Manor.

Leah McSweeney kisses Elyse Slaine. (Bravo)

Leah McSweeney actually left with Luann — so did Ramona — and we later found out that Leah and Luann made out at a bar off camera, but Leah and Ramona were the only ones to return to the house later that night. Luann didn’t come back until Dorinda called her the next morning and apologized. Oddly enough, Luann was no longer upset about the situation and they all laughed about how crazy they got because of the rosé.

Everyone reunited for some much-needed retail therapy and group healing in town later that day, during which Luann also apologized to Sonja for mistreating her. Luann told Sonja that she’d try to pay her more if she could, and she truly values her role her in her show because they “have fun” together.

Then, to celebrate their final night in the Berkshires, Dorinda threw what was supposed to be an elegant dinner party, but to be honest, the food and its presentation were the only two things from the night that you could consider to be classy.

It was nice to see the return of RHONY alum Heather Thomson (Holla!), as Dorinda invited her to the dinner party, but everything else was a mess. From Leah making out with Elyse Slaine (see the photo above) to Ramona saying she believes the “top one percent” shouldn’t date online — it was all a disaster.

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