‘Find Love Live’ Preview: Emily Is 36 Weeks Pregnant & Looking For Love — Watch

Emily is 36 weeks pregnant, and she's more than ready to open her heart to a man. She explains what she's looking for in a partner and the situation with the father of her child in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Find Love Live.'

Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean Emily isn’t looking for love. At 36 weeks pregnant, Emily is single and ready to mingle. She reveals in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 20 episode of Find Love Live that she has been single the past year, and she became pregnant “unexpectedly” when she started “focusing on dating again.”

She continues, “I was seeing somebody probably for about 6 weeks, and after a romantic day, it was actually the first time he ever spent the night, and I actually never saw him again. Four weeks later, I found out I was pregnant, and I let him know. He decided he didn’t want to be involved, and so I’ve just been taking it as it is and ready to have a baby.”

Find Love Live
Emily is looking for love at 36 weeks pregnant. (TLC)

Emily is expecting a baby girl on August 4. She initially thought that dating wasn’t going to be an option while pregnant, but she was proven wrong about that! “I was kind of disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to date when I was pregnant, and I had no idea that there are a lot of men who are very specifically interested in pregnant women.”

Throughout her dating experience while pregnant, Emily has had some very strange encounters. One man offered to buy her underwear. Another man was willing to pay $650 for belly pictures.

Find Love Live
Sukanya Krishnan is the host of ‘Find Love Live.’ (TLC)

Emily opens up about what makes her unique. “I think what makes me different from other women is just the fact that I’m pretty independent,” she says. “I believe in creating your own value intrinsically, so I don’t really jump from relationship to relationship a lot.”

When it comes to what’s most important in a man, Emily is looking for “integrity” and “personality.” She wants “somebody I can have a future with.”  The next episode of Find Love Live will air July 20 at 11 p.m. on TLC.

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