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Zac Efron Fans Swoon Over ‘Daddy’ Star Going Shirtless With Wild Beard In New Netflix Show

Fans are loving Zac Efron's down-to-Earth look in his new docuseries, 'Down to Earth,' which Netflix premiered on July 10. The 'High School Musical' alum is all grown up, much to everyone's disbelief!

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Zac Efron is breaking free from his squeaky-clean image since his High School Musical days. The 32-year-old actor pleasantly surprised Twitter with a mountaineer-esque beard and broad muscles in his new Netflix show, Down to Earth, after it premiered on July 10. It was a far cry from the days he rocked a clean-shaven face on the Disney Channel screen.

The rugged makeover went hand-in-hand with Zac’s new role as a travel host in his new docuseries, in which he “journeys around the world with wellness expert Darin Olien” and “explores healthy, sustainable ways to live,” according to Netflix’s synopsis. Viewers enjoyed seeing Zac tackle adventures in places like Iceland and the Amazon rainforest, shirtless, which earned him a new nickname on Twitter: “Daddy.”

“Zac Efron is a daddy now? 2020 is a wild f–king ride,” one person tweeted, astounded at how much Zac has grown up. Another person couldn’t believe the change, tweeting, “no way this is zac efron.” Another person just appreciated Zac’s six-pack and tweeted, “A bearded Zac Efron doing stuff while sometimes shirtless? I’m sold.”

Zac allowed himself to bulk up for this latest project! In the trailer that dropped on June 26, he celebrated the fact that he’d be “eating carbs again” and promised he’d be eating “really, really well.” Zac’s trainer, Patrick Murphy, revealed the actor only had five percent of body fat after training for his most fit role, Matt Brody, in the 2017 film Baywatch, according to Muscle & Fitness. Understandably, Zac was more than happy to indulge in food again — although he’s still rocking a toned physique.

This docuseries wasn’t just an excuse to parade Zac’s muscles around, though. The Neighbors star wanted to make a difference by introducing unique forms of sustainability. “We need to start rethinking how we consume everything, from our food to our power. Change has to start somewhere. Maybe it’s time we all change,” Zac said in a voiceover in the trailer. This mission led Zac to Iceland, Puerto Rico, France, London, Costa Rica, Sardinia, Lima and Iquitos!