Jenny March Captures How Loving Someone Can ‘Drive You Crazy’ In ‘November Nights’

As Jenny March warns in her new music video, be 'careful who you choose,' or you might find yourself on a 'rollercoaster' love affair that sees you 'lose a part of yourself in the process.'

William Blake said that “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom,” but singer Jenny March warns against taking that path in her new song. In “November Nights,” the rising music star captures how loving too much could actually be a bad thing, singing to a lover how “Everything you do / got me running after you/, but maybe I just love that chasing? / On those cold November nights, I know it’ll be all right.” In the accompanying video, Jenny deliberates with herself about this irresistible yet toxic love. At one point, she’s literally going in circles as she debates whether to stick with this dangerous thrill or to get off this ride to nowhere.

” ‘November Nights’ is a song about loving hard,” Jenny tells HollywoodLife. “Loving so hard that it drives you crazy, taking you on a long, but entertaining roller coaster ride. You give your whole self over to someone, maybe losing a part of yourself in the process, but the pleasure you get from it makes it that much more manageable.”

Though “November Nights” is about the ups and downs of an unhealthy-albeit-exciting relationship, Jenny has a much better partnership on the horizon. The singer will soon be a social ambassador for Rihanna‘s SAVAGExFENTY line, allowing her to fuse together her loves of fashion and music. She’s already proficient in filling up her Instagram with sizzling shots of her in a variety of poses, so this partnership is indeed a match made in heaven.

Naserin Bogado
Naserin Bogado

Speaking of partnering on social media, Jenny has made the most of these quarantine days with “Wednesday Sessions.” During these Instagram Live sessions, Jenny chats and performs with different musicians. It’s a perfect way for her to stay ready for when her forthcoming EP drops, and she gets a chance to perform her new tracks for all her fans.

Born in Ohio and based in Los Angeles, Jenny has been building a buzz around her for years. Her debut single, 2018’s “California Daze,” introduced her “open book” lyrics and captivating voice to the world. She followed it up with “FUWY” and “Talk To Me.” She finished 2019 with “Rebound,” her most streamed-single to date, and in April, she teamed up with Fluencee for the surprise single,” “Boomerang.”

“Wrote this song with Fluencee about mental health issues and finding the strength to get out of your head and overcome those issues,” she posted in May. “Hope this song brings some positivity into your life! Love you guys! Stay safe.”

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