‘Untold Stories Of Hip Hop’ Finale Preview: Fabolous Reveals Details About How Beyonce Called Him Out

Fabolous explains why the lyrics to 'For The Money' upset Beyonce and reveals how they talked it out in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the 'Untold Stories of Hip Hop' finale.

Untold Stories of Hip Hop host Angie Martinez plays a game of Fact or Rumor with the one and only Fabolous in the July 9 season finale. She asks him in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the finale whether or not Beyonce checked him for one of his lines in a song. Fabolous confirms that is a fact.

The song in question is Fabolous’ 2015 track “For The Money.” The lyrics that upset Beyonce are: “If you gold I never do the bronze. ‘Cause if you could have Beyoncé, would you take Solange.”

Beyonce Solange
Beyonce and Solange are a pair of Hollywood’s most powerful sisters. (Shutterstock)

Fabolous admits that he didn’t think the song was going to take off. “Truthfully, at that time, I thought it wasn’t even going to get the airspace,” he tells Angie. She asks him what getting checked by Beyonce feels like. Fabolous admits that Beyonce does indeed do “everything gracefully.” Bey called him out but in a nice way.

Angie says that a Solange check is probably more serious than a Beyonce one. Fabolous reveals what Solange said to him after the song was released. “Yeah, I accept your apology but be mindful of what you say out here,” Solange told Fabolous.

Fabolous is a rapper best known for songs like ‘Can’t Deny It’ and more. (Shutterstock)

The July 9 season finale will also feature Swiss Beatz. Each week on Untold Stories of Hip Hop, Angie invited friends from across hip hop and pop culture to join her in an exclusive virtual viewing party of Untold Stories of Hip Hop, with series guests returning via Zoom to look back at the never-before-heard stories they shared and maybe share a few more in the process. Over drinks, games, and more, Angie and her friends will also be joined by celeb fans eager to share their own takes on what went down. Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Nelly, and more have appeared in this quarantine edition of the show.

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