Kyle Richards Reveals Sister Kim Is ‘Very Happy’ Since Having Breast Implants Removed — Watch

Fans just saw Kim Richards undergo surgery after 'RHOBH' returned to TV on July 8. Shortly afterwards, Kyle gave an update on her sister's post-operation results while appearing on 'WWHL'!

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Kim Richard’s surgery was a success. The former star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recently had both of her breast implants removed, and her sister Kyle Richards, 51, gave an update on how her sister was feeling post-operation while appearing on the July 8 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: @ Home. A fan called in to ask “if Kim’s happy with the way her implants turned out,” and Kyle responded, “She doesn’t have implants now. They were taken out and now she’s implant free and she’s very happy.”

Kim Richards
Kim Richards is pictured out and about in New York City with her old implants. (TheHapaBlonde / BACKGRID)

Kim gave this update on the “After Show” portion of Andy Cohen’s talk show, which was uploaded to YouTube after Season 10 of RHOBH resumed on television. During Wednesday’s comeback episode, Kim also made her return to the Bravo show! Fans watched Kyle accompany Kim to the office of her plastic surgeon, Dr. Handel, ahead of the implant removal procedure.

During the visit, Dr. Handel rehashed Kim’s history: she had a breast augmentation “about 30 years ago,” underwent a “couple of subsequent revisions,” and then experienced a “change in the size of [Kim’s] breast.” The plastic surgeon explained that this was due to Kim’s previous lumpectomy that removed a benign tumor, which left her with a “deformity.” Kim was unhappy with this visible change, saying “it kind of looks like somebody took a big bite out of it.” For Kyle, the visit brought up the emotional memory of their late mother Kathleen Richards, who died after a fight with breast cancer in 2002. “

“I don’t like anything to do with doctors and hospitals. My whole body goes numb. I go back to being in the hospital with my mom. The doctor sat us in a room and said, ‘Your mom has breast cancer,’ and it was Stage 3 at that point,” Kyle tearfully said on the show. She added, “My mom just wanted to pretend like she was fine, because she was so scared to die. Thankfully, Dr. Handel announced that the removal process went “perfect” on Wednesday night’s episode.