‘RHOBH’ Recap: Denise Richards’ Husband Aaron Goes Toe-To-Toe With Erika & Teddi

Denise and Aaron's quick departure from Kyle's barbecue left the other ladies very confused. And it also led to an awkward run-in at Sutton's trunk show.

After a brief hiatus, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returned on July 8 with more drama surrounding Denise Richards and her husband, Aaron Phypers. On their way out of Kyle Richards‘ barbecue, Lisa Rinna ran up behind them and tried to diffuse the situation. But while doing so, Denise told her longtime friend how she really felt about their disastrous trip to Santa Barbara. As fans surely recall, Denise got herself into an argument with the ladies after they failed to understand her anti-sex talk stance. And Denise couldn’t believe that everyone was still talking about it and getting upset with her over it — many days later.

“Well, this group tends to hold onto things,” Lisa told Denise, but the Wild Things star shot back, “Well, [they need to] move onto something else, because I’m not the one to do that with.” Denise was so fed up over everyone getting upset with her that she and Aaron decided to leave Kyle’s barbecue and go have a steak at a strip club. However, that confused Lisa Rinna even more.


“Wait, what?!” Lisa said in a private confessional. “I somehow hurt your feelings and you’re really mad and hurt about it, but, ‘We’re going to get a steak and we’re going to a strip club.’ How do you say that if you’re being all high and mighty about a threesome?”

Back at the party, Kyle shared her feelings about Denise and Aaron’s exit with the rest of the group. “She was feeling weird, brought him, gave him the heads up about Santa Barbara and he was ready to pounce like a f***ing leopard on a rock,” Kyle said. “And he can go f*** off!”

Later in the episode, Kyle met up with her sister, Kim Richards, and went with her to a plastic surgeon to see about getting a breast reduction. Kim revealed that she previously had implants put in, but one had deflated, so she wanted to get them out and go natural again. During the procedure, the doctor also said he’d check to see if she had any signs of breast cancer, since her mom died from the disease, and that worried Kyle. Fortunately, the surgery went well, but no word on the test results just yet.

Then, everyone came face-to-face with Denise and Aaron again at Sutton‘s trunk show. Initially, everyone greeted Denise and Aaron with open arms, but once Denise walked away to get a drink, Kyle went after Aaron and told him that he made her feel uncomfortable at her barbecue. She didn’t like that he got involved in the drama, and told him that he shouldn’t do that again, but he didn’t think he did anything wrong. And he basically said that if they had a problem with how he acted, then that’s on them — not him.

Then, when Erika Jayne and Teddi Mellencamp questioned Aaron’s behavior, saying he’s always trying to be the “moral high ground”, he asked, “Do you really want to go there?” And Erika replied, “Do you want to go there?” So he jabbed back — “Do you?” And she said she was “fine” with it. “Come see about me”, she said while further taunting him. Later, in her confessional interview, she quipped, “We don’t need your opinion Aaron.”

Aaron told the ladies that all they ever want to do is just “focus on the negative”, but Erika said that’s not true and she said Aaron was just trying to “intimidate” them, but it won’t work, she added.

Teddi then confronted Denise and asked her why she called her a “s***-stirrer”, but Denise played dumb. Aaron interjected, so Teddi asked him to butt out, and he said he would as long as her delivery was nice. He then told her, “You’ll see”, and Teddi accused him of threatening her.

Denise thought the entire argument was “dumb”, so she said goodbye to Sutton and left another event before it ended. One of her reasons for leaving abruptly was also because she claimed there were paparazzi everywhere, but when Dorit looked up and down the street she didn’t see a single photographer. Interesting, right?

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