Celebrating Pride With… ‘RHOA’ Star Cynthia Bailey’s Daughter Noelle: Her Ultimate LGBTQ Icon Revealed

'RHOA's Cynthia Bailey's daughter Noelle Robinson opened up about what pride means to her since coming out in this EXCLUSIVE new interview!

Cynthia Bailey, 53, and daughter Noelle Robinson, 20, have graced viewers television screens for 10 seasons on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. This past season was different, though, as we got to know Noelle on a more personal level. The duo filmed a pretty powerful scene where Noelle came out as sexually fluid to her mother during a conversation between the two in the car.

Though the mother daughter team is bummed they can’t celebrate Pride weekend in person due to social distancing restrictions with the COVID-19 pandemic, they spent time reflecting on the special weekend last year on the Bravo float in NYC for world pride. Noelle and opened up EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife all about her LGBTQ icons, why this month is so special to her and even teased a future move in with girlfriend Alexis Powell!

Who’s your ultimate LGBTQ icon? “I would say Amanda Stenberg, Lena Waithe.”
How are you celebrating pride month during this time? Restrictions are being lifted but people are still practicing social distancing and masking…..“Just doing as much as we can to kind of celebrate black, same sex love. Just being together, spending quality time together. She’s been helping me move. Just bringing awareness to pride via our social media and just boasting together and celebrating what we have. Next year, if we’re allowed to, I’d definitely love to go to a pride with her and do some of the things that I did.”
What advice do you have for LGBTQ community members celebrating their first pride this year? “It’s really exciting to have your first pride and just do it as loudly and as happily as you can. And also, to stay safe and making sure that you’re taking all of the proper precautions.”
What does pride mean to you? “Pride to me is just the feeling of feeling free to love whoever you want to love and do it unapologetically and do whatever makes you happy and just supporting other people doing whatever it is to make them happy. Love without boundaries. Love without rules.”
How do you normally celebrate? I know you were on the Bravo float….! “Noelle was there as well! Noelle was on the float as well. That was a really great thing for us because she got to celebrate world pride, one of the biggest pride’s last year. And she had just come out too so it was amazing to see her community and just how vast it is. I just use my platform as well to celebrate and support the LGBT community,” Cynthia said. “Yeah, that was really fun!” added Noelle.

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