Meghan McCain Calls Out John Bolton For Using ‘Hamilton’ Song As Book Title: ‘It’s Insulting’

Meghan McCain stood up for 'Hamilton' fans during John Bolton's appearance on 'The View', calling out the former national security advisor for naming his Trump tell-all 'The Room Where It Happened'.

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John Bolton has faced brutal criticism for deciding to publish a book about Donald Trump‘s Ukraine scandal, rather than testifying in his impeachment trial, but he was met with a new controversy on The View. Co-host Meghan McCain, 35, derided the former National Security Advisor for calling his tell-all The Room Where It Happened, which is almost exactly the name of one of the most famous songs from the Broadway musical Hamilton. McCain asked Bolton, “Do you understand that it’s insulting to those of us that are fans of Hamilton to co-opt art from Lin-Manuel Miranda for your own political purposes?

Bolton was clearly taken aback, and stated that while he’s a big Hamilton fan, the title wasn’t a reference to the song; “the room” is a term used in politics often. “It’s a fair use, and I think it summarizes what we were trying to do.” Meghan pushed, pointing out that Hamilton fans were still angry about the shared title. The song “The Room Where It Happens” (listen HERE) is sung by Aaron Burr, who recounts a secret meeting he was left out of between Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson. Bolton pointed out that

Lin-Manuel Miranda was upset with Bolton’s choice in book title, as well. The Hamilton creator tweeted out some amended lyrics to the song on June 18, writing, “Let me tell you what I wish I’d known / When I was young and dreamed of glory / You have no control / Who lives, who dies, who
[borrows your song title to write a cash-in book when they could have testified before Congress] tells your story…” He tweeted again on June 24 after Bolton’s appearance on The View, posting a gif of Elmo leaving the room and saying, “ok bye.”

Elsewhere in the interview, co-host Sunny Hostin grilled Bolton about not testifying in the impeachment trial, instead waiting six months after its conclusion to publish a book about what he witnessed during Trump’s quid pro quo phone call with the president of Ukraine. “You are one of the reasons, if not the very reason, that Trump is still in office and wasn’t impeached. Help me understand why your silence is not complicity in this,” she said.