‘Below Deck Med’ Preview: Hannah Get Annoyed When Jessica Is Late — Watch

The tension is rising between Hannah Ferrier and Jessica More. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 22 episode of 'Below Deck Med,' Hannah gets pissed when Jessica's break goes way longer than it should have.

Below Deck Med
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In the wake of second stew Lara Flumiani quitting Below Deck Med, this means that everyone has to work even harder on the yacht. Hannah Ferrier and the rest of the crew are working hard in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new Below Deck Mediterranean, and Jessica More is taking her sweet time getting ready while on her break. “Where the f**k is my stew?” Hannah asks.

Hannah eventually goes down to check on Jessica and see what’s up. Jessica tells Hannah that she didn’t even have a 45-minute break, but Hannah says the break was over an hour. “For f**k’s sake, I’m working two people’s jobs right now,” Jessica says in her confessional.

“I know that it’s really hectic, hon, but I give you breaks before I give myself breaks,” Hannah says to Jessica. Hannah admits that she can’t even have a break tonight because it’s so busy. Given everything going on, Hannah just wants Jessica to respect what time she asks her to come back.

As she walks away, Hannah says to herself but loud enough for Jessica to hear, “This is why I need another stewardess.” Jessica quips, “I miss Lara.”

Hannah Ferrier
Hannah Ferrier is the chief stewardess on ‘Below Deck Med.’ She recently announced she is pregnant. (Bravo)

The synopsis for the June 22 episode reads: “With bad weather rolling in and down her Second Stew, Hannah scrambles to manage the interior with only Jess to rely on. Captain Sandy and Malia draw a hard line with the deck team when they call the guys out for their questionable behavior. Kiko struggles to prepare a picnic lunch for the first off-boat excursion of the season. After surviving the charter, Hannah is rewarded with a Second Stew, but she quickly realizes the newest addition to her team may be more than she bargained for.” Below Deck Mediterranean season 5 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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