‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion Part 3 Recap: Jax Taylor Lashes Out At Andy Cohen

Jax Taylor lashed out at Andy Cohen and anyone else who held him accountable for his behavior during the final part of the 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion on June 16.

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Jax Taylor continuously refuses to acknowledge his questionable behavior — on and off TV. And that was never more evident than during Part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion special on June 16, when he, once again, excused his mean behavior by saying he’s a “work in progress”. And wen Andy Cohen asked him to specifically name what he’s doing to “work on” himself, he couldn’t really give an answer. And when Lala Kent revealed that her fiance, Randall Emmett, paid for Jax to see a therapist, and Jax skipped the session, everyone gasped.

“This is the same s*** as every other reunion,” Ariana Madix griped, while referencing the fact that Jax always says he’s a “work in progress”, yet continues behaving badly season after season. Producers then, literally, went on to show footage of Jax from every single reunion, saying he’s going to “try to better” himself. But because he hasn’t actually done anything to “better” himself, as Lala further proved, everyone went HAM on him.

Jax tried deflecting by saying Tom Sandoval is just as terrible of a person, but Andy didn’t let him change the subject. Andy actually asked Jax to explain why he got so mad about Max Boyens‘ beach cleanup, and that’s when Jax told Andy that he already apologized for rage-texting him about it. Jax went on to say that he’s “very good at apologizing”, but Andy disagreed.
“I’ve watched you apologize a million times and not mean it at reunions,” Andy told Jax, but Jax said he “meant it” that time. “I don’t know what else to tell you,” he said before laughing in a passive aggressive way. Andy then asked Brittany Cartwright if she feels it’s “daunting” that she’ll “have to apologize for Jax” for the rest of her life, and she said that it’s definitely “hard”.
But before she could continue, Jax interjected and asked Andy to explain why he was “pigeonholing” him since no one else on the cast is “perfect” either. Clearly, Andy hit a nerve.
“I’m not trying to be an a**hole, but this is our eighth reunion, and this is the same conversation we’ve had,” Andy explained. But Jax shrugged it off and said everyone on the cast is “crazy” and acts the same way. However, no one agreed.
In fact, Stassi Schroeder told Jax that he’s “instilling fear” in everyone, and making them feel scared to piss him off and scared to hurt her. She said they have to feel like they can “be honest” with Jax and Brittany, and because he gets so angry with them, they can’t do that. “We can’t be scared to have an opinion,” Stassi said, while recalling how Jax was the one to say — on camera — that he was battling a mental health issue. Therefore, they should be allowed to talk to him about it without getting chewed out.

Jax felt like Stassi made a good point, but he still didn’t like the way Andy questioned him. He said that Andy also goes at him the hardest. Even so, Brittany agreed that Jax needs to “get better”.

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