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‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’ Supertease: Phaedra Parks Makes A Stunning Confession

A new season of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' premieres July 2. In this EXCLUSIVE supertease trailer, Phaedra makes a jaw-dropping reveal about her relationship with Medina.

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Relationships are on the line, and not all of them will make it out of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition intact. Five new couples move into the Marriage Boot Camp house and putting their relationships to the test. Dr. Ish and Judge Lynn Toler are going to make sure these couples get to the root of their problems.

Phaedra Parks is joining Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition with boyfriend Medina. She makes a startling confession in our EXCLUSIVE trailer. “Medina and I have never had sex,” the RHOA alum reveals.

For Tahiry and Vado, she wants to know if he’s committed. She doesn’t want to waste her time if he’s not. Willie and Shanda want to save their marriage. “You’ve been cheating since I f**king married you,” Shanda tells Willie.

Hazel-E has a new boy toy named De’Von. During a rap exercise, she brings up that she’d want a pre-nup if they got married. De’Von doesn’t seem too pleased about that. During one exercise, Dr. Ish asks Toni whether or not Kurupt is drunk. “Yes, he’s drunk,” she says. Kurupt later tells the group, “Y’all really think I’m gonna stop drinking my motherf**king alcohol? F**k no!”

Marriage Boot Camp
The cast of the new season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.’ (WE tv)

The supertease ends with a nasty fight breaking out in the house. “This house is on fire,” Phaedra says. You got that right, Phaedra.

The official synopsis for the season reads: “Phaedra and her boyfriend, ghostwriter and producer Medina, have only been together for a few months after Medina sought her out on an elite dating site, but Phaedra is in it to win it even though they haven’t yet sealed the deal. Willie and Shanda want to save their marriage, but they must put their fiery tempers aside and deal with Willie’s serial cheating, and Shanda’s revenge cheating, before they can meet each other’s needs. Tahiry and rapper Vado have been friends since their Harlem days coming up in the game but have never spent two weeks straight together during their off-and-on relationship. Tahiry’s clock is ticking, and she’s ready to settle down but can they get over their shady pasts? Hip hop OG Kurupt and his model girlfriend Toni live and work together, but Toni worries about his drinking and unstable life – while Kurupt can’t handle Toni’s nasty temper and her insecurities from previous relationships. Hazel-E and her model boyfriend De’Von are talking marriage and babies, but Hazel-E has trust issues – and even though she is helping his career and paying the bills, she’s also protecting De’von from her world because she’s afraid he can’t handle it.” Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition will premiere July 2 and will air Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.