Lizzo Kicks Off The Class of 2020 Event With A Pumped Up Pomp & Circumstance March

An artist from the heavens. Lizzo kicked off Youtube's Dear Class of 2020 event with a performance of the iconic graduation song that made everyone want to celebrate. Watch here.

As so many young people across the country have missed out on graduation due to the coronavirus pandemic, stars like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Camila Cabello have come together to put on a special show just for them – and it all started with the incomparable Lizzo.

The celebrated artist, who has been using her platform recently to be a loud and proud voice in the George Floyd protests, performed Edward Elgar’s iconic Pomp and Circumstance on her flute to kick off the livestream. “Now, let’s turn it up,” she said to the graduates watching from home, as a cavalcade of musicians from the New York Philharmonic playing violins, cellos, trumpets, and everything in-between, rocked out to a sick, sick beat for graduates. Now that’s something!

Lizzo has been reaching out to young people for weeks now, being a source of joy and wisdom through a few very difficult weeks. In April, the Grammy winner joined the likes of Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, and others to perform for the One World: Together At Home special which raise money for those suffering deeply during the coronavirus pandemic.

But more recently, Lizzo has been using her reach on social media to educate and inform her followers about the ongoing civil unrest following the death of George Floyd. Since the news was first reported, Lizzo has offered fans information on protests, resources on how to help the community, and on a more personal level, her own sadness over the course of events.

“These are beautiful people — they didn’t ask for any of this,” Lizzo said through tears on her Instagram on May 31. During an IG Live, the singer broke down over the pain of so many lives lost, but wasn’t afraid to share that hurt with her fans. “All these people say not all cops are bad cops,” she added. “I would love to see the good cops.”

Here’s hoping that the change that Lizzo, and all of us so deeply hope for, will come and come soon.

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