‘World Of Dance’ Premiere Recap: A 9-Year-Old Jazz Dancer Leaves The Judges Stunned

'World of Dance' returned May 26 with a new set of incredible dancers. From sensational duos to a 9-year-old powerhouse, season 4 is shaping up to be the best yet.

World of Dance is kicking things up a notch right at the start of season 4. The dancers think they’re going in for a final producer audition, but Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and NE-YO are making a surprise appearance and checking out the talent for themselves. The first act up is Jefferson Y Adrianita, a salsa duo. They’ve been dancing for 17 years, but they’ve been a romantic couple for the last 5 years. They really want to meet Derek. They named their baby after him! Their performance is extremely quick and sexy. Jennifer notes that they still “need a little bit of improvement” and their “footwork needs to be fast.” Derek says their tricks were “surprising,” but they need to maintain the surprise element. They’re moving on to the Duels!

Hip hop group Grvmnt is up next. This Junior Division group has been together for 5 years. Derek admits that he felt the “energy dip” at one point during the performance. While NE-YO says the performance was “clean and strong,” it “fell flat” for him, too. Jennifer thinks there is potential for this group. NE-YO and Derek give Grvmnt a Callback.

Jake & Chau perform for the judges after Grvmnt. Their performance is nothing short of powerful. Their chemistry is off the charts. They are so connected. Derek calls the performance “absolutely stunning.” After a yes from all three judges, this duo is headed to the Duels!

Hip hop duo Bailey & Kida are famous already on social media with millions of followers on their individual accounts. She’s danced with Janet Jackson and Jason Derulo, and he’s danced with Will Smith, Usher, and more. However, they’ve only been dancing together for a few weeks, and they’re still working on chemistry. While J.Lo is impressed, she admits that it’s clear they haven’t been dancing together for a long time. However, she sees a lot of potential with them. All three judges give them a yes, so they’re going to the Duels!

The last performer of the season 4 premiere is Savannah Manzel, a 9-year-old jazz dancer. Her performance is fabulous from start to finish. Her flexibility is incredible. Jennifer raves that Savannah totally nailed her routine. “You are a pretty amazing dancer,” she adds. NE-YO says, “The bar has been raised. I have no words.” Savannah easily gets a yes from every judge.

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