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Heather Young Reveals Boyfriend Tarek El Moussa Is Not In ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 2

'Selling Sunset's Heather Young revealed to HL that boyfriend Tarek El Moussa will not be in the second season, but we'll learn more about their relationship. Plus, Amanza Smith reveals why she joined the show!

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Selling Sunset is back for season 2! Your favorite real estate brokers are back, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the top of their game. In addition to the real estate, the ladies of Netflix’s Selling Sunset will be dealing with new romances, explosive truths, and more. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Heather Young and new cast member Amanza Smith about what’s ahead in season 2. While season 2 will dive deeper into Heather’s new relationship with boyfriend Tarek El Moussa, don’t expect to see him on the show.

“I’m a very open person and unfortunately my boyfriend, Tarek El Moussa, he could not film with me, but you get to see the beginnings of our relationship unfold and how I handle things with his children,” Heather told HollywoodLife during Selling Sunset’s virtual junket. Season 2 will have a bit of a different vibe. The first season focused mainly on the professional lives of the brokers at The Oppenheim Group, but season 2 will explore the personal lives of the cast much more. “Now that the audience knows us and everyone knows who we are, we get to go deeper into our personal lives and who we are as individuals, rather than just The Oppenheim Group,” Heather revealed.

Even though Tarek isn’t on the show, Heather is an “open book” when it comes to her personal life being shown on TV. “I think, obviously, when we’re filming and we have cameras on us, we don’t have time to think. We’re filming our real lives so you’re seeing how that unfolds and how we handle situations,” she said. Amanza admitted that she also doesn’t “hold back” when it comes to showing what’s going on in her personal life.

“You don’t have an option to pick and choose what is depicted in your life,” Amanza said. “For me, I had some major life changes happen maybe a month into filming. As much as I would have loved to maybe not have to share that, I signed on to film a reality show. It’s real life, so you see everybody’s very, very deep personal experiences. We each have our own deep, personal experiences. I think this season, even more than season 1, there’s a lot of big events, a lot of life changes, and we show all of that. We don’t hold back.”

Heather Young Amanza Smith
Amanza Smith and Heather Young of ‘Selling Sunset’ season 2. (Netflix)

Amanza is such a fun addition to season 2, and she said that joining the show was a total “no-brainer” for her. “I’ve been best friends with Mary [Fitzgerald] and Jason [Oppenheim] and Brett [Oppenheim] for almost two decades,” Amanza told HollywoodLife. “That shows my age, but we’ve known one another for about 18 years. When they did the first season, I didn’t have my real estate license yet, and I really wanted to be a part of the show. But I wasn’t an agent, so I just put my pedal to the metal and I got my license so that I could join the cast of the second season. It was a no-brainer for me. I got to work with my best friends, and it was kind of surreal to just be on a show with them after we’ve all been through so much in our lives. It was just like the right thing for me to do.” Selling Sunset season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.