‘Holey Moley’s Jeannie Mai Teases ‘Crazy’ New Obstacles & Reveals She Wants The Obamas On The Show

'Holey Moley' is swinging into season 2 on May 21. Jeannie Mai is back as the sideline correspondent and spoke with HL about the changes in season 2, the obstacles, and the Obamas!

Jeannie Mai
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America’s favorite mini-golf competition series is back for round 2! Holey Moley season 2 premieres May 21 featuring commentators Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore, as well as sideline correspondent Jeannie Mai. The first season of Holey Moley was totally wild, and the show manages to ups its game even more in season 2. HollywoodLife talked with Jeannie EXCLUSIVELY about the second season changes. “Let’s talk about number one: there is a huge cash prize available, even more than last year,” she revealed. “It’s $250,000. A quarter of a million dollars is going to the winner of Holey Moley.”

It’s also not just about being a great golf player. “They actually have to be a great golf player, athlete, gymnast, magician to get through some of these crazy things that are happening,” Jeannie said. “They have to be a team player and someone that can laugh because when they see themselves on camera later it is crazy! That is what I love about Holey Moley, it is that anything goes and you could never, ever imagine the type of obstacles that Holey Moley can put you through. I mean, Steph Curry and the executive producers of Holey Moley are nuts!”

Each week, the 8 contestants will put their miniature golf and physical skills to the test as they face off in epic challenges on the supersized course. After a season of Holey Moley, Jeannie admitted that the “crazy obstacles” are her favorite aspect of the competition. “I know that everybody in the world has at least some type of miniature golf experience, but I promise that they haven’t seen something as epic as this,” Jeannie said. “It is a ginormous obstacle course with larger than life-size challenges. People have to jump onto crocodiles and mount them to get to the hole. They’ve got to fight a slippery putt to get to the top without losing all their clothes along the way. They have to zipline across a set of spires in order to mount onto polls. It is crazy! I am impressed by the women, too. Just with my teeny nails I can’t even open a box from Amazon without getting my man to do it, but these ladies literally turn their hats backward, ponytail and all, and just go for it. When you are on Holey Moley, anything goes!”

As for the celebrities that she’d like to see take on the Holey Moley challenges? It’s all about the Obamas for Jeannie. “I think Michelle Obama would rock going against her husband Barack Obama. That would be my go-to!” Holey Moley airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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