‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Pepa Is Stunned That Egypt Got Into A Nasty Fight With Briana

Egypt explains her fight with Briana to mom Pepa in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Growing Up Hip Hop,' and Pepa admits it's 'scary' to know that her daughter is fighting other people.

Egypt Criss tells her mom all about the fight that went down with Briana Latrise in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 21 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. “I felt like she does this thing where she antagonizes people,” Egypt says about Briana. Sammattick walks in and Egypt gets distracted. Sandra “Pepa” Denton urges Egypt to continue with her story.

“She’s disrespected every single body,” Egypt tells Pepa about Briana. Egypt says she eventually snapped and hit Briana twice. Sam tries to chime in about the situation, but Pepa cuts him off. She wants to hear from Egypt only. “Growing up, yeah, I never ever liked getting in trouble with my parents,” Egypt says in a confessional. “They really have a way just in their voice, in their soul, to make you scared, to not even want to experience that.” Well, Egypt is certainly experiencing that now!

Pepa has had enough. “I want it to stop,” Pepa tells her daughter. She’s sick of this drama tearing the family apart. Pepa admits that it’s “very scary” for her to know that her daughter is actually throwing punches. Egypt has had major drama with both Tee Tee and Briana recently. Pepa sees this fight with Briana as a tipping point. Something’s got to change.

The synopsis for the May 21 episode reads: “Romeo’s sit-down sparks an uproar throughout the entire cast. Eric is caught in the crossfire and Angela puts Romeo on full blast. After Egypt battles Briana with her fists, she’s forced to suffer the wrath of her mother Pepa.” Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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