Maria Menounos Shares Why It’s More Important Than Ever To ‘Advocate For Your Own Health’

Maria Menounos has become a leading voice in advocating for your own health since her health scare with a brain tumor in 2017. Now, she tells HL her advice for handling your health in the current pandemic.

Maria Menounos
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Purina

In the midst of the current health crisis, Maria Menounos has brought her positivity, advocacy and education to the forefront with her series Better Together and her own personal health experience. In speaking to to promote the upcoming Beverly Hills Dog Show, Maria shared her advice for people to “advocate for their own health” during the Coronavirus pandemic. “Everyone is having this the realization that health is absolutely the number one thing, and it should be the number one thing in our lives. You need to learn to navigate the health system, you have to be your own kind of advocate, you have to do your own research,” she explained.

Maria continued, “Before this, it used to be that people who had life altering health moments would see what truly was important in life and it’s your health and the health of your loved ones and being with your loved ones. Now, I think everyone’s kind of being forced to see that with this crisis. Everyone’s stopping the ride a little bit and seeing what really matters so I think that’s a positive take from all of this.” She added that her mom, who is currently quarantining with her, is about to celebrate four years with Stage Four brain cancer in August, which is not the median life expectancy.

“I attribute that to her incredible doctors, but also to the fact that we have really applied the best of both Eastern and Western and nutrition — cutting out the sugar and using supplements and different therapies so that optimize her immune system and make sure she is at her strongest when she’s getting some of these tougher medications,” Maria detailed.

In the interview she also spoke about the upcoming Beverly Hills Dog Show presented by Purina, which was filmed before the pandemic. “They have to peel the dogs away from me! It’s my favorite day of the year and truly the happiest place to be,” Maria gushed over her four-legged interview subjects. The Beverly Hills Dog Show presented by Purina will air on May 17, on NBC in primetime beginning at 8 PM ET!

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