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‘HTGAWM’ Series Finale Recap: The Wes Mystery Is Finally Solved & Multiple Characters Die

The 'How To Get Away with Murder' series finale left our jaws on the floor. The final episode of the game-changing series featured the deaths of many beloved characters and answered all of your Wes questions.

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Shots ring out after Annalise’s trial and screams come from everywhere. But before we find out what happens, the show flashes back to three days earlier. Annalise is furious that Bonnie told Frank about Sam and Hannah. Tegan tells Bonnie she has to find Frank to figure out what happened with Hannah. Bonnie heads to Laurel’s place first to ask about Frank. Laurel hasn’t seen him. “I always hoped you two would end up together,” Laurel tells Bonnie. “If anyone can make him happy, it’s going to be you.” Laurel makes sure to tell Bonnie that she was always the one who kept everyone safe, not Annalise. All Bonnie has ever wanted was a family.

At the trial, Frank shows up. Annalise talks to him, and he swears he didn’t kill Hannah. He has a flash drive of information about Hannah that will ensure Annalise wins her trial. It’s a phone call between Xavier and Hannah. Later, Bonnie and Frank finally talk. He confesses that he wishes he didn’t know about Hannah and Sam. It’s tearing him up inside. Bonnie pleads with him to stay. “I’ll forgive you. I will. Just not right now,” Frank tells her. Frank goes to talk to Gabriel. He tells Gabriel that he was the one to kill Lila Stangard because Sam told him to. “Your dad had me kill your sibling,” Frank says to Gabriel. He tells Gabriel to take the money and run.

Oliver and Connor’s relationship continues to spiral. After Connor meets about a new deal, he returns home. Oliver apologizes for blowing up at Connor earlier. While trying to do damage control, Oliver agreed to say Annalise made him delete photos of her and Wes from her hard drive. He did it to try and help Connor. “Your testimony will make Annalise lose her trial which means Laurel goes to prison and Christopher is alone,” Connor tells Oliver. But Connor has refused the deal. He will go to jail as soon as the trial’s over. Connor also tells Oliver that he wants a divorce. He thinks Oliver is better off without him. Oliver doesn’t believe what Connor he saying. Oliver asks Connor to try and say that he doesn’t love him. After a pause, Connor says: “I don’t love you.”

Before the end of the trial, Tegan professes her love for Annalise. At first, Annalise doesn’t believe Tegan. Tegan admits that she’s tried to fight it, but she is in love with Annalise.

Annalise’s trial comes to an end, and she’s found not guilty on all counts. This means Connor’s going to jail. Oliver and Michaela are in tears over it. Oliver tells Connor that he’s not going to sign the divorce papers. Connor says that Oliver showed him how to love. Michaela tries to comfort Oliver, but he rejects her. “That should have been you,” he says through tears. Michaela tries calling Laurel but her phone has been disconnected. As this is happening, Laurel’s dad is killed in prison.

After the trial ends, shots are fired outside. Laurel bolts with Christopher without looking back. Annalise is talking to press when Bonnie notices Frank in the crowd. She follows him and tries to stop him from shooting Governor Birkhead. She’s just a second too late. Frank kills Birkhead and gets shot in the process. Bonnie, covered in blood, holds him in her arms. “I had to make it right,” Frank says in his final moments. “Tell Annalise.” Frank dies and Annalise rushes over. That’s when Bonnie reveals that she’s been shot. Bonnie dies in Annalise’s arms as Annalise pleads with her not to go.

The show flashes forward to Annalise’s funeral and Wes is there. He walks to the front and stands next to an older Laurel. This is NOT Wes, after all. This is the adult Christopher! Eve speaks at the funeral and reflects on Annalise’s life. Tegan and Annalise happily spent the rest of their day together. Laurel looks back and sees the older Connor and Oliver together. Michaela has gone on to become a judge.

The final moments of the series finale feature Christopher riding his bike through Middleton’s campus just like Wes did all those years ago. “Everyone take your seats. It’s your first day of law school, which means we’re already behind. I’m Professor Christopher Castillo. This is Criminal Law 100 or, as my mentor liked to call it, how to get away with murder. When Christopher looks up at his class, he sees the one and only Annalise Keating.