‘HTGAWM’s Liza Weil Admits She’s ‘Happy’ With Bonnie’s Ending & Teases A ‘Hall Of Fame’ Wes Twist

'How To Get Away with Murder' is bidding farewell after 6 seasons. HL spoke with Liza Weil about saying goodbye to Bonnie Winterbottom and the 'return' of Wes Gibbins.

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Liza Weil
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The How To Get Away with Murder series finale airs May 14 on ABC. After 6 seasons of shocking twists and turns, it’s all come down to this. When you’re dealing with a HTGAWM finale, you never know what will happen. Annalise’s trial will come to a close in the final episode and more secrets will be revealed. At the end of the penultimate episode, Hannah Keating was found dead, presumably death by suicide. Bonnie feared that Frank killed Hannah after finding out his true parentage — that he’s the son of Hannah and Sam Keating. Even though there’s only one episode left, HTGAWM still isn’t done with making our jaws drop.

HollywoodLife spoke with Liza Weil at the show’s series finale wrap party in Feb. 2020 about her feelings regarding how Bonnie’s story comes to an end. “I feel very, very satisfied and happy with how Bonnie’s story ends,” Liza told HollywoodLife. “I think it serves her, and I’m looking forward to seeing how people respond to it, respond to all of it. But, for us, I think when we read that last episode at the table read it opened the flood gates for processing of it all coming to an end. It was very moving. I think we felt good about it.”

There are a number of questions that How To Get Away with Murder has to answer, and the most pressing one is: what’s going on with Wes Gibbins? In the fall finale, Wes appeared at Annalise’s funeral after being killed off in season 3. HollywoodLife asked Liza how long she had known that Wes was alive and she said, “I think not too long before that episode came out where we see him here [in the fall finale]. That’s a very tricky, wordy question. I think it was definitely one of those hall of fame, Pete Nowalk twists.” Since there’s only one episode left, we have to be getting answers!

Bonnie has been Annalise’s right-hand woman from the beginning, and Liza has been a part of the series since day one. Playing this complicated character for 6 seasons is something the actress cherishes. “It’s meant so much for me to play Bonnie and to have this amount of time with her and to be able to explore that character,” Liza said. “It’s more than I’ve ever been asked to do as an actor. I can’t believe that I’ve been given this opportunity to explore characters so easily or to be able to do things that I was never asked to do before, that somebody could even recognize that was something that I could do.”

On her final day of filming, Liza wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to Bonnie for good. “It was very moving, but I don’t know if I’ve said goodbye to her yet, even though filming is done for me. I’m going to have to do my own sort of goodbye to her.”