‘Total Bellas’ Preview: Nikki & Artem Create Tension By Overstaying Welcome At Brie’s Home

Tensions between Brie Bella and husband Bryan are at an all-time high after Nikki and Artem ask to live with them for another three weeks! Watch the new 'Total Bellas' preview.

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Daniel Bryan loves his sister-in-law Nikki Bella to death, but her moving into his home with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev is just a little more togetherness than the WWE star can handle. Bryan and wife Brie Bella get into an uncomfortable fight on the May 14 episode of Total Bellas after she tells Nikki and Artem that they can stay with them for another three weeks — without asking Bryan first. In this Total Bellas sneak peek, which you can watch above, Bryan tells Brie that he doesn’t feel she prioritizes spending quality time together as a couple. “I think you don’t care if we get alone time or not,” he tells Brie after having dinner with Nikki and Artem. “It’s just a little frustrating to me when we’re getting so little alone time together already.”

Bryan says in a confessional, “I’m okay with Artem and Nicole staying with us. It becomes an issue when it’s all the time, and then Brie is doing more with them. So that’s when their presence is a sacrifice to our relationship.” He says that he often finds the three of them watching a movie on the couch without him while playing on their phones. Brie, though speaking calmly, is clearly getting irked with her husband. She says she’s happy that she has “people on my side” staying with them, including her twin wine buddy. “People on the same side as you, averaging seven hours of screen time a day,” Bryan shoots back. Meanwhile, Nikki and Artem are just happy they have somewhere to crash while they wait for their own home to be built!

“I feel like Bryan and I are drifting further apart,” Brie says cryptically in a confessional, before the preview clip ends. “We both look at relaxing differently, and I can tell that it bothers him.” Total Bellas airs Thursdays at 9:00pm on E!

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