Jackie Evancho Reveals ‘The Masked Singer’ Gave Her A ‘Clean Slate’ To Start Her Next Chapter

Jackie Evancho was unmasked as the Kitty during 'The Masked Singer' quarterfinals. HL spoke with the 'AGT' alum about showing off a totally different side of herself, the masked singer to beat, and more.

Jackie Evancho
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The Kitty was by far one of the most talented singers The Masked Singer has ever seen. The purrfect singer was revealed as opera singer and AGT fan-fave Jackie Evancho during the May 6 episode. Jackie is known for singing opera, so watching her belt out hits from Ariana Grande and Marilyn Monroe was quite the surprise. The singer wanted to show off a side of herself that no one had ever seen before. She talked with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about why The Masked Singer was something she really wanted to do.

“I started so young. I was 10 years old when I was a public figure. I think that it was hard for people to any time they heard my name as I got older not see the 10-year-old,” Jackie, now 20, told HollywoodLife. “I think that this Masked Singer experience gave me the chance to have a clean slate, start from scratch, and show people the talent and skill that I have, without the judgment or the stereotype or the assumptions that come with it. All they have to go off is the voice and the talents because you can’t judge a cat, right?”

Jackie was one of the more difficult singers to identify throughout season 3. She admitted that using her pop voice rather than her operatic one helped her. “Especially because no one’s heard my pop voice before. That was totally new to everybody, including me. I was learning how to use that as I was going along in the show,” Jackie said.

The singer is now 20 years old and ready for the next chapter of her life. But she doesn’t want to leave her fans behind. “I think the biggest challenge is I don’t want to neglect the fans that have loved me since I was 10 years old,” Jackie admitted. “I want them to feel just as respected as the fans that appreciate me now at 20. I guess the hardest part is figuring out how to navigate that without neglecting those original fans for sure.”

Jackie noted that she wants to be “free of all genres” as she moves forward in her music career. ” I would like to just do whatever feels best and be limitless,” she said. She also wants to do more acting and modeling in the future.

The Masked Singer season 3 is down to the Night Angel, Turtle, Frog, and Rhino. There’s one masked singer in particular who Jackie thinks is the one to beat! “All of them are so talented, but if I had to guess one, I think that it would be the Frog because he really does make an audience excited,” Jackie said. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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