‘The Goldbergs’ Finale Preview: Adam Asks Beverly To Help Make Him Prom King — Watch

After Adam realizes that he's not on the same level as Brea when it comes to popularity, he goes to Beverly for help in becoming prom king in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'The Goldbergs' finale.

Adam looks at the prom court list and sees Brea’s name on it but not his. “You really thought you had a chance, bro?” Johnny Atkins asks him in this EXCLUSIVE preview of The Goldbergs season 7 finale. Adam says Murray told him that Brea’s popularity would rub off on him. His dad was wrong. Adam is looking on the bright side, though. He’s still going to prom with Brea, and they’re going to have a great time together.

Brea comes up to Adam and they head down the hall holding hands. “As Brea took my hand, I realized I had nothing to worry about. Of course, we were equals. All our peers would see it the same way,” the older Adam says in the voiceover. However, that’s not exactly the case. They run into a number of Brea’s friends who have absolutely no idea who Adam is. They think he’s a freshman or a new student. They definitely don’t know that Adam and Brea are dating. One guy doesn’t even remember that Adam went on a school trip with him.

Adam soon realizes that he has to do something about this before prom. He goes directly to mom for help. “Mama, make me king,” Adam tells Beverly. Beverly doesn’t hesitate. “Done,” she says immediately. Mama Goldberg is on it!

The synopsis for the season 7 finale reads: “Adam and Brea decide to go to prom together, but when Adam worries he won’t be Prom King, Beverly’s actions jeopardize the event. Meanwhile, Barry teaches Erica how to be compassionate and caring when Geoff’s dad is in the hospital.” The Goldbergs airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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