Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Admit They ‘Annoy Each Other A Lot’ After 19 Months Of Marriage

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin talked about how they get along after being married for over a year in the latest episode of their quarantine show and revealed that staying home together is 'definitely hard sometimes.'

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin
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Justin Bieber, 26, and Hailey Baldwin, 23, proved they’re not afraid to get brutally honest when it comes to being married during their time of quarantine in their latest episode of The Biebers. The lovebirds, who have been married since Sept. 2018. have been sharing details about themselves in the personal Facebook show while self-isolating in Toronto and on May 11, they admitted that being together all the time during COVID-19 can sometimes be difficult and even lead to annoyance.

“I think just being in each other’s space a lot and not having ways to necessarily always go do other things… it’s definitely hard sometimes,” Hailey said while playing the game Jenga with Justin in the episode. “I think we probably both annoy each other a lot sometimes. I think I purposely… bother you and do things that are just like annoying. And then you bite me! So don’t even try.” Justin then admitted he playfully attacks Hailey with a nerfgun, which she admitted is her “ultimate annoyance.”

The young stars also revealed how their faith has been helping them get through quarantine. “Obviously, like our faith, you and I have the same belief system. We believe in Jesus and like his forgiveness, his salvation,” Justin said to Hailey in the video. “Not only knowing that we have the peace of Jesus that we can lean on him during this time…we also have our church community that has been constant through this whole thing.” Hailey also made mention of how their marriage is still new enough for them to use that to stay positive in quarantine as well. “I think one thing that’s nice is…we’re still newly married and it’s fun having this time, this like extra time together,” she said.

We’re glad to see Justin and Hailey using their time together wisely and embracing the ups and downs. We hope to see more of their memorable moments in future episodes of their raw series.

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