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Julianne Hough Shows Off New Hair Makeover After Dying Hair Pink — Before & After Pics

Julianne Hough found a great solution to cover up her darker blonde roots that didn't match the light ends of her hair during quarantine. She just dyed her locks completely pink in a new makeover!

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With trips to the salon still not allowed in California, Julianne Hough discovered a way to get her hair to be uniform in color while in quarantine. After almost two months in lockdown, her roots were growing out much darker than her light blonde ends. The 31-year-old has found the perfect fix-it solution by dying her hair pink! Jules rocked the color for the first time Apr. 2015, and gushed back then about how pink was the “color of kindness.” With the stress of the coronavirus pandemic impacting so many people, now is a perfect time to pass along some “kindness,” no matter how its done.

Julianne shared her pink locks in a May 11 Instagram story. It looks like she also gave herself a slight trim, as her hair now rests at shoulder-length where before it was several inches longer. While it’s not the bright, bubble gum pink that she’s rocked in the past, her new shade is a softer, pastel shade. Jules shared a boomarang video, seeming to give a toast to the new makeover while standing in her kitchen. She raised a glass of what appeared to be either healthy beet juice or a magenta-colored cocktail to her pink hair, and cheers to how great Julianne looks with her new makeover!

Prior to the new ‘do, the Dancing with the Stars judge appeared to be getting really bored during home lockdown in Los Angeles. Especially since she’s self-isolating several states away from husband Brooks Laich, 38. He was spending his quarantine time in a rustic part of Idaho, but is now exploring remote red rock canyons in southwest Utah. On May 4, Julianne shared how she was kind of losing it a little with before and after IG photos. In the first, she looked beautifully put together and smiled directly at the camera while wearing a pale blue tank top. In the following photo, she showed her goofy side, wearing an oversized purple tie-dyed sweatshirt and put the large wrist cuff of it over her head like a hat. She also made a silly expression. Jules gave fans the options: “A) Safe at Home vs Self Isolation, B) Delicious vs Delirious, C) Instagram vs Reality.” Maybe all of the above?

Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough shows off her famed light blonde locks while stopping by the ‘Today Show’ in New York on Dec. 5, 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

The most pink Julianne has ever been was in Apr. 2015, where she had her Nine Zero One Salon stylist Riawna Capri give her a bubblegum pink dye job. At the time, the actress/dancer wrote on her blog, “I love to experiment with my looks by way of beauty products, styling tools and sometimes even taking things a step further,” she said. “Remember last year when I chopped off all my hair? It was a big, bold move but it was so worth it! It felt liberating not to hide behind all that hair. So why did I decide on the color pink this time? Because pink is the color of kindness!” How sweet!